If you have a PSVR and are interested in watching esports leagues, this patent was specifically designed for you.

Sony has filed a patent designed for and titled “Spectator View Into An Interactive Gaming World Showcased In A Live Event Held In A Real-World Venue”. You can view the patent images here. This patent describes that there will be an array of cameras to make the user of the headset feel like they are a real part of the tournament before their eyes.


Sony has clearly worked hard on this product, and it shows. The microphones and cameras would be embedded inside of the seats themselves, and there will be proximity sensors as well to know whether the seat is being used or not. This makes choosing who to broadcast much easier.

The patent also describes an ability to not only see the game, but be inside of the game being played as well. There are plenty of possibilities. Imagine being able to toggle between being in the stands and actually in the game. There are hybrid elements that are available and they don’t end there either.

Esports is an industry that is that is always growing. From professional leagues that go with major sporting leagues, to amateur leagues, there will always be an audience for it. This will eventually add new buyers for virtual reality headsets. For the most part, Esports have been having a strong focus of sports, but this new patent may support other games getting a larger audience and players.

It is still unclear on what events would be streamed, but it is sure that whatever Sony decides to put up on the screen, it will be popular.


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