The Valve Knuckle controllers have been on the market for some time now. So the question is needing an answer. Are they really worth it?


To save some time before we get into the reasons why this controller is great, let’s answer the question. Yes, they are really worth it. The Knuckle Controllers are some of the greatest controllers ever made for virtual reality, and if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a pair through developer kits, you are going to be satisfied. 

The first thing we will touch on is the touch pad itself. It is no longer a circle like most controllers, rather it is an oval now. It cuts down the space needed for a trackpad while still maintaining the full range of motion.

Another great feature on this controller is the tracking of the fingers. Not only is there sensors throughout the entire controller where you grip, but the grip itself is pressure sensitive. This has taken the need away for a grip button. The controller knows when you grip lighter or harder, making it a seamless effort to pick things up and drop them.

The technology inside of your hand does not end there. Because there is no button, the controller knows how hard you are squeezing. In a demo for the controller called Space Dust, the controller shows off its great ability to know how hard you are actually gripping the controller.


This grip feature is great, but there is a secret ingredient that makes it all possible that will be heavily overlooked. The strap that goes around the hand is vital to the controller. When needing to virtually throw objects, the strap keeps your hand on the controller even when you release and let the object go. This is a feature that has not been available to many virtual controllers. This is certainly a game changer.

In conclusion, these controllers are worth every penny that Valve is going to sell them for. They are anticipated to ship with the highly anticipated Valve headset that is set to release in May. If you have a compatible headset, getting your hands surrounded by the Knuckles would do you good in virtual reality.


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