Sony had the State of Play event today, and it was an event that you didn’t want to miss. In fact, over 45,000 people were tuned in even before the event started. For those who are unfamiliar with what the State of Play is, it is a live stream from Sony that highlights their new and upcoming games. At this event we saw a number of exclusives announced, most of which have very soon release dates. 

Although this event didn’t give us much information on the upcoming PS5 or the PSVR 2 that we all have been on the edge of our seats about, it did give some insight on what games we will be playing to hold over out time until the new releases. This wasn’t mean to give us an inside scoop on the hardware, just o give the Sony community some new exclusive games to play. 

Before getting any greeting to start the stream, we saw a mesmerizing trailer for a game called Humanity. This won’t be a PSVR game, but it sure looks interesting. It seems as if you will need to fight the natural problems in humanity to complete the game, and it looks as interesting as ever. This was followed by the new Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare. After

L.A Noire: Case Files

This game is available today on the PlayStation VR store and is an exclusive to this platform. In this game, you will be driving, shooting, and even investigating other players. Although this game seemed to be dealing with only one victim, we are certain more DLC and cases will be able to bought or downloaded 


Gorn has been a staple in the virtual industry for years now, and after the studios “Genital Jousting” debacle, its great to see their new hit game making inroads on the biggest console VR platform in the world. Gorn is gory, but it is also a fun one. Make sure to buy this one when it is available in the winter months of 2019. 

Espire 1

Espire looks like one of the best games inside of virtual reality, regardless of the system. This game is essentially a massive spy mission, and it is going to leave you speechless. The locomotion system seems fantastic. This game will allow you to shoot, run, hide, and creep around your enemies to secure the search. 

Stardust Odyssey 

Stardust Odyssey is going to put you inside of a space ship sort of vehicle for the majority of the gameplay. This game is going to change up what you are in a lot, but the objective remains the same. It seems as though you are going to have pirate objectives as you are floating through the red ocean and outer-space. This game seems awesome and will be available in the winter of 2019

After The Fall

The fall is zombie game is going to see you do a lot more than just fight off zombies in an old-school Call of Duty fashion. This game won’t be released until 2020, but it seems like it is a classic in the making already. Keep your eyes peeled for an official release date. 

Space Channel 5 Kinda Funky News Flash! 

This game seems like a disco ball dancing party that met the crew from Guardians of The Galaxy and made a virtual reality game. Here, you will be dancing and fighting space aliens to the beats of your favorite music. This is going to be a fun game that is released within the next few weeks. 

Not all of these games got a secured release date, and we were surely surprised to not see Iron Man VR here, but we are sure that news is coming in the near future. For more VR news and gaming updates, make sure to check back at


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