If you are looking for the Valve Index or Oculus Quest to buy new, you are likely having a hard time finding your perfect headset. The Coronavirus has been spreading like wildfire in mainland China, and the stoppage in production of these headsets has led the resale market to jack prices up. If you are wanting to buy a headset right now, you are going to be paying an absurd price. 


The Valve Index is retailed at $1,000, but the resale market will be asking for much more. The cheapest Valve Index we could find online that hasn’t been opened was $2,000. Buying the headset used is a different story, but it has a similar ending. The heaviest used Valve Index headsets are going for $1,300 on the cheap end. If you are dedicated to buying an Index before the release of Half-LIfe: Alyx, you are going to find yourself paying a steep price. 


As for the Oculus Quest, the same will be happening for the foreseeable future. The Quest retails at $400, but many of the headsets that are used are going for anything north of $550, depending on the available GBs. You are going to be paying more than the retail for the Quest, but you won’t be paying double anytime soon. The Valve Index is far superior to the Quest, so doubling the price seems slightly more reasonable. 

Rift S

As for the Oculus Rift S, the forgotten brother often times, you are going to be paying more as well. Even though it isn’t often spoken about, the Rift S has been accustom to the same delays as the Quest. Both headsets have been sold out for some time now. The average price of the Rift S you are going to find that isn’t used is around $500. Thats only $100 more than the retail, the smallest increase from the resale market out of the three headsets. 

Back in Stock?

Valve has come out and said they are hoping to get some units back in stock before the middle of March, but it isn’t looking too bright right now. Oculus was far less specific with their statement, but there is no doubt they are also working on making their product available to people around the world. 

We assume both would be back in stock in within the next month, but there are no promises. With the latest hot spot of the COVID-19 outbreak, it will be hard to predict when companies will be able to start mass production and ship all across the world. We will continue to update you as the stories around this topic progress. For more VR news and community updates, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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