Whether you’re a tech junkie, a business looking for new insight, or obsessed with the newest and best VR gear, at OC6 you are going to experience futuristic technology like never before. You are going to learn about developing the best virtual worlds you can while still distributing your work for the growing audiences. Storytellers, gamers, and creators alike are invited to join the leaders of the AR and VR industry this fall for a sneak peak into the future and how to practice the best habits for this industry. You can sign up at Oculus Website.

At OC6, Oculus going to be heavily talking about the future of their company and the products they are planning to release. Along with that, high-end game developers like Respawn Entertainment will be giving a preview of their Oculus Exclusive game that is going to be debuted at the end of 2019. The AAA first-person shooter is also going to have a playable demo at this event. This is an event that you are not going to want to miss. You are going to hear from ILMxLAB about the struggles of bringing Vader Immortal to the Quest, and what they plan to do with the title for episode II. 

In September you are going to get loads of information from Oculus, and this event will be the epicenter of it all. Oculus has officially leaked some of the information that they are planning to showcase at OC6, and below we are going to share some of the showcases we are most excited for. 

Oculus is supposed to have a huge AR release this fall, so we are extra excited about this sneak peak they gave us on their website. Bridge Virtual and Real Worlds with AR 

Bridge Virtual and Real Worlds with AR

“Matt Hanson, Spark AR Product Design Manager, Facebook

Learn different ways you can build AR experiences that are connected to real-world locations, environments, or objects. From bringing a game character into the real world to transforming the everyday environment into a scene from your game, attendees will review a mix of Spark AR-enabled activations and learn how these executions can unlock value for businesses and consumers.”

Along with a new AR headset from Oculus, we have also reported that we might get our first look at a business VR headset from Facebooks powerhouse. This was on the Oculus Blog regarding the future of Oculus and business. 

Oculus for Business: Scalable, Professional, Secure

Matt Terrell, Product Manager, Facebook; Isabel Tewes, Product Manager, Facebook

Enterprise VR continues to make waves and prove results as innovate companies leverage the technology for training, collaboration, design, and much more. The logistics of scaling this powerful tech, however, can be daunting. Join the Enterprise product team as they give you a first look at the Oculus for Business solution that will help companies deploy VR in a new professional, secure, and scalable way.

Earlier in the summer we reported that Oculus had made over $5 million in content sales on the Quest, and they are sure people want to hear about how that came about and the steps that took place. Accomplishments like that aren’t just stumbled upon in business. 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Success on the Oculus Store

Bruce Wooden, Content Launch Manager, Facebook (Moderator); Lisa Brewster, Oculus Store Manager, Facebook; Richard Duck, Store Operations Manager, Facebook; Mari Kyle, Content Launch Manager, Facebook; Chris Pruett, Director of Content Ecosystem, Facebook

Oculus has three flagship VR headsets: Oculus Go, Rift S, and Quest. Each platform differs not only in terms of technical capability, but also the type of content players engage with as well as player expectations for quality. This session aims to shine more light on store curation decisions made by Oculus, where your title may fit best, and what to do if your app doesn’t make the cut on the first try.


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