Yesterday, we saw Oculus release a revolutionary update to their VR painting and animation app, Quill. This app is something similar to the Google Tilt Brush. Now inside of Early Access, Quill is performing as an end-to-end app for making and producing virtual reality native movies, clips, and stories. When the first version of this app was released back in February of 2018, Oculus never planned on it being the next tool for producing stories inside of virtual reality. Now inside of Quill 2.0, you are going to not only be making and painting the 3D scenes, but you will be able to cut and lengthen the 3D animated loops. 

Quill’s All-In-One Power

When trying to tell a story with animated objects, storytellers are forced to switch between tools and engines to create every part of their story. When being precise and exact with how you want your story to be portrayed, this is often a tedious and frustrating process. Now with Quill’s new Animation Timeline feature, story creators will be able to create their clip, paint it, cut it, out sound over it, create transitions between clips, and even synchronize sounds with movements of clip. All of this will be bale to be done inside of your headset with the new Quill app. 

If you are a storyteller that uses VR as your medium, this is music to your ears. As you know, the process of moving files over each platform and learning new software for simple visual tricks is a painful and long process, but something that has been essential up until now. The biggest selling point for Quill 2.0 is the ability to find an idea, and finish the film, all inside of your headset. This is the most efficient and accurate way to tell your story, and clearly the most convenient. With Quill, your ideas on the storyboard become a finished project right before your eyes, all while keeping you immersed in your altered reality. 

Included with all of this new interaction with your story, you are going to be able to move within, and move the story itself. This will allow your spatial interaction to be much more real as you can literally move across the room you designed to paint the objects you have made come to life. 

New Key Features

One of the new features in this update that has all Oculus uses excited is the Stops. You will be able to stop certain objects and their animations while keeping the rest of the scene going. In the past, this has required storytellers to have multiple layers of animation going at once, but this will put a stop to it, literally. Stops are going to allow you to create whole scenes at once without having to make multiple layers. If you were doing this inside of Quill before, you knew that you had to have multiple animations going and stopping at the same to make this possibility a reality, but that is no more. 

Stop your animations and have it be a trigger for other animations all with Quill 2.0. This is not the only new feature, but we have belief that it will be one of the best and most efficient for Oculus’ newest app update. 

The ability to transform and interpolate new keyframes is also a feature that has been added. Put that with the new sound features and layering sequences, you have yourself a rounded app that is perfect for storytelling and creating all inside of your virtual reality headset. 

This update is the biggest to come to Quill yet, but it certainly isn’t the last. You can count on Oculus to continue to beef up their library of creating apps. Quill is free and available for early access, so downloading this app is going to benefit you and the storyteller inside of you. 


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