The Pimax headsets have yet to make a big splash in consumer sales, and they’re okay with that. The Headset is meant for business to use them in assisting of the production of their products. The Beijing-based company is looking to bring a large amount of improvements to their headsets. This will also include some long-promised accessories to the headsets as well. 

Most of the improvements will be added to the comfort of the headsets and the user satisfaction. The company has been listening to the users, and they have quickly made promises to the changing for the headsets. The Pimax virtual reality headsets have an incredible field of view, something that is doing the selling for the headset. The display and software is great. 

Pimax is looking to add a new fabric head strap, more nose padding, and a more comfortable face cushion. This is going to drastically change the headset. It currently sometimes feels like you are wearing a big TV display on your forehead, and we are lucky that they are changing it up. 

The nose pad should not only give you additional support and comfort, but it should also give you less light leakage. This is an exciting time for Pimax, as they believe this adjustment itself should drastically make the viewing experience inside of the headset much better. 

The face cushion is also getting a hauling change, as it should give the users now the “best viewing distance” from the display. before, it sometimes felt your face was just a little too close or too far, but now with customizable cushion you will be able to determine your distance on your headset. This will certainly be a game changer as well, as it should reduce blurs inside the headset and the frequency of them. 

Lastly for the hardware changes, the new soft fabric head strap. This comes as no shock to anyone, as the current strap was simply not getting the job done. We can expect the newest strap to be more of a form-fitting type, and it will be somewhat studier as well. The weight distribution should be changing a bit, this way it feels more like a virtual reality display than a big TV screen sitting on the top of your forehead. 

Now for the display glitch that many have experienced, that should be fixed promptly as well. Many, inducing the company, has referred to this as the “snow effect”. This is when the pixels will sometimes be flickering during the important use of the headset. The actual problem is not inside of the headset itself, rather it is inside of the cables that are connecting to the headset. This does have an impact on the pixels, as they may die if they are flickering too much. The company is offering to fix that for customers if that happens to be the case. 

Pimax is also planning on bringing improvements to the 3.5mm headphone jack. It seemed to be wearing out quickly with the older headsets, and Pimax has a solution. They are increasing the soldering strength, which will give the headphone jack the capability to with stand “more than 3,00 insertions and removals”. This is something that won’t make any headlines, but it is something that will make the world of a difference. 

Although there is more improvements, the rest are minor. With the company listening to the customers, and acting on what they wanted promptly, the future will continue to be very bright for Pimax. Expect a gaming consumer-friendly headset to appear down the road. The company has a lot up its sleeve. 


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