Startup Occipital is now offering a high end depth sensors. This obviously has a high market value, and these machines can do a great job mixing AR and VR together, and all kinds of in headset depth. 

The headset is set to ship to any company in the world by March, though you can order it ahead and receive it ahead for a much higher price. This product can easily fit into any consumer headset and it can even be attached. Occipital has done a great job putting this product together and making it an easy buy for anyone in the VR and AR realm of purchases. 

There are two different kinds of this sensor for sale. One has a range of 85 degrees, and the elite or superior one has a range inside the headset of 160 degrees   

Occipital has assisted with Apple’s iPad ARKits, and now that Apple is on their own in that regard, Occipital can still offer the attachment to any product. It has a statement of “for those who need a ready-to-use, high-quality depth sensor primarily for iOS devices.” In contrast to the new device, they say that their new product  “will be focused for those who need high-performance depth sensing designed for rapid integration into other types of products and on other platforms such as Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows.”


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