Way back when dinosaurs were roaming the world, the earth was full of trees still, we were in a place called the 1990’s. Or at thats what it seems like to kids now days. All the way back then, the very first VR headsets were drawn up and they certainly were nothing that you would want your friends to see you wearing. The headsets now have really come a long way in the aesthetics department, and that is what we are going to be focusing on today. Computer systems are more sleek and small now, they have more software inside of smaller hardware, and many more advances in that department. 

We somehow got all of the headsets together, analyzed them, and decided to slim it down to three headsets that wont make you look like you are from 1905 when you put it on, and that can still immerse you in a VR world. 

#3: Avegant Glyph  

Judging just by the looks of it, it not only does not look like a regular VR headset, but it doesn’t really look like you could perform many software triumphs on it. This is just a classic case of never judging a book by its cover. Not only is this a VR headset that can provide an immersive experience at anytime, but just flip this bad boy upwards and bang. You have yourself a high end pair of noise-canceling headphones. It is still lightweight, and they offer an experience like none else. 

#2: MindMaze NeuroGoggles

By far, this is the most futuristic looking headset of the group. Of course we are going to love anything that makes us look like a Star Trek character, but that isn’t even the coolest part of this headset. It can read your mind. Yes you read that right, it literally can read your mind. This headset was developed by Swiss technology with brainwaves that can trigger motion inside the headset that makes a controller for it practically unneeded. Mixing the sleek design with an undeniable futuristic mind reading, this is good enough for number two on this list. 

#1: Impression Pi

As an overall headset, this wouldn’t ever come in first place. But, because this is purely on looks and just that, this one takes the pie. Literally. What makes this headset so aesthetically pleasing is the mix of well placed lines, curves, the hidden motion trackers, and last but not least the dark tint glass strip. Having no edges but tons of curves and a comfortable and great looking strap system, I don’t see a scenario of this headset not winning every award for the best looking VR head piece.  


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