Last week at the Unreal Engine Build: Detroit 2019, Magic Leap announced that they will be giving away 500 Magic Leap AR Creator Editionheadsets as a part of the Epic MegaGrants.

MegaGrants is a $100 million initiative that has been designed to help fund developers of anything and everything augmented reality. Entertainment, games, media, and many more developers will be available for this opportunity, as well as students, educators, and even tool developers all working with Unreal Engine. This opportunity is worth a shot for anyone to apply, and it seems as if you were going to put this headset to good use, have a good project idea, and know the ins and outs of UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) you could and should apply.

There is no deadline for this amazing opportunity, as it seems that it will continue to be a first-come, first-serve basis, much like the Epic MegaGrants. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone that is in the process or starting to develop any kinds of apps or software that are using UE4.

“We’re thrilled that Magic Leap is offering their support to the Epic MegaGrants program with this generous giveaway of 500 Magic Leap One Creator Edition devices, which offer incredible opportunities to explore applications from digital humans to product design,” was said from Simon Jones, director, Unreal Engine Enterprise, Epic Games. “The option to receive this hardware as part of an Epic MegaGrant means that more of the funds can be available to spend in other areas, so developers have more financial flexibility and freedom to create.”

This headset right now cost $2,300 without any other funding, but through this grant you can receive it free of price and future obligations. When looking to apply, click here.

This is Epic’s way of giving back to the development community, especially after Fortnite’s extreme success. With this grant, qualified developers can be funded up to $500,000 for projects, and there is no future or current obligations to give back to Epic. Their reason for this is as pure as it comes, as they want to see new developers have everything necessary to build something that is of every ones use.

“You just apply, and if we judge your project is worthy and reasonably planned-out, we’ll give you funds,” Sweeney said in an interview with GamesBeat. “They range from supporting game developers to supporting enterprise and educational, academic projects. Open source projects that have any impact on the digital ecosystem at all, even if it doesn’t have any bearing on Unreal.”


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