If you’re in London next weekend, and even somewhat interested in VR, this festival is going to be worth going to.

December 1st and 2nd, Limina VR Weekender is scheduled to be running at the Picturehouse Central near Piccadilly Circus. This two day adventure is not your regular demo of Superhot VR and some Arizona Sunshine. This weekend you will realize a whole different side to this technology.

This festival will include three different themes, or playlists, of VR experiences. For The Wild, the first theme, will take to unknown parts of the universe with videos like The 500, Longing for Wilderness, Sanctuaries of Silence, and Wilderness: An Immersive Journey Into Patagonia. Another theme is Future and Fantasy, and that gives you a look ahead with a different lifestyle including films I Saw The Future, Celestial Motion and Fantasynth. The last theme and playlist of the weekend is Begin Again. This takes a look at people (and creatures) starting all over with films Step to The Line, Sea Prayer and the mind-blowing Grenfell: Our Home.

Tickets will be $10 but will need to be booked ahead of time. Like aforementioned, with any interests in VR, this is something you will want to attend.


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