In the same day of the Vive Cosmos getting its own official release video that looked something like a beefed up hype tape, we saw the same headset get videos that are dedicated to emphasize the comfort of the headset as well as the controllers. Below we are going to be breaking down everything you see in these videos and what they mean for the future of the HTC Vive Cosmos. 


We are first going to be breaking down the video names HTC Vive Cosmos- VR That Fits Everyone. This video starts with the bottom of the screen saying that the cable is not shown, and the headset requires a PC cable connection (included in box) or a Vive Wireless Adapter (sold separately). This doesn’t give out too much initial information, but the idea that the headset will be shipped with the ability to be standalone is out of the window, and the idea that the headset can be connected to a phone is also dead. Although those rumors never carried too much weight, it is nice to finally put those rumors to sleep once and for all. 

We next see the weight of the headset. Coming in at 651 grams, this is the lightest Vive headset up to date. Knowing that this headset has complete inside-out tracking, it is also very impressive that the headset also manages to be the lightest. In the reveal article we noted that the headset might have some computing abilities because of the cables going into a laptop, but the weight suggest that the headset is going to be purely focused on the visuals of the virtual experience. 

The halo design is the next featured part of this video. We see this same design in the Oculus Rift S and the PSVR headsets, and this is the first time that we are seeing this with a HTC Vive product. Although there are many ways to strap a virtual reality headset to your head, here at VRGear we think that the halo is both the easiest and the most comfortable. This is sure to make the Cosmos one of the best headsets on the market in regards to comfort. 


Next is the flip-up design. We saw this mentioned in the official reveal video, but here it also says that the glasses will fit perfectly without a spacer. Oculus headsets always have required a spacer but HTC has gone a different route by allowing the headset to fit naturally without a spacer, making it much easier for glasses-wearers to be immersed into their virtual worlds. This is all done while having no light leakage, something that hasn’t been figured out until now in VR gaming and business. 

The straps and halo on the Cosmos are synthetic leather that makes it easy to clean and hard to get dirty, and perfect combo for your perfectly designed headset. Overall the design nd comfort of this headset should be top notch, but we will reserve our final judgment on the feel until we try it on for the first time. 


The controller video is something that we expected to see, knowing that the controllers were making their debut with this headset. The short clip for the controllers starts with saying how these controllers are going to be tracked. The headset is going to watch the light inside of the controllers for tracking. This is something that we have yet to see on a consumer controller yet inside of the virtual reality industry. 

They next highlight the joystick and button on the controller. Although they are nothing ground-breaking, it is worth nothin that they are perfectly placed an the material used looks very durable and comfortable. It also notes the compatibility of the controllers. The Vive Controllers are usually not very usable with non-exclusive games, but this shows promise and resolve that Vive wants all games to be played on their newest headset. 

Although the two videos that were released aren’t breaking the internet, it was important for Vive to release more information on their news features with their newest headset. We hope for more news on the Vive Cosmos, and until then you can check back at for all of your VR news and game reviews. 


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