Today is the last day to register for the Oculus Connect 6 event at the end of the month. Don’t let that worry you, as this won’t be your only opportunity to watch the keynote and interact with the developers that will be there first-hand next week. Watching the major keynote event only feels right inside of virtual reality, but if that isn’t an option for you, there is going to be other ways to watch Mr. Zuckerberg take the stage for the biggest VR event of the year. 

The entire weekend festivities will be taking place in the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in California. It will be taking place on September 25th and 26th, and this is where “the next chapter of AR and VR begins” according to an Oculus spokesperson. 

If you are wanting to watch the event in VR, there are a few options you can take. If you have the Oculus Go or the Quest, you will be able to access this through the Oculus Venues event. This stream will be available for both days, and every major event that weekend. If you have a PC headset that you want to use, including the HTC headsets, Valve, or even Windows, you will be able to watch. Simply download Bigscreen VR, and share a desktop view with people that are streaming the event. You can either host or join a party inside of this virtual app. 

If you are wanting to see the live events on your desktop, you can simply visit the Oculus website. It is the same steps online with a monster as it is with setting it up with Bigscreen VR. Simply go to the website and click play. Super easy and a true user friendly experience. 

For a detailed view at what is going down that weekend, check the Oculus schedule below. 


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