The Vive headsets have traditionally been a pain to setup and get going. It is often hours after you start the process before you have a chance to get the headset on and going. And when you do start the process with the headset on, learning to use the operating system can be a real pain and not natural for many. 

HTC Vive has taken steps to change the way their headset is used right when it is received, and we’re hoping that the fixes they have in store are the ones that their headset needs. The new system the Vive Cosmos is using is called the Vive Reality System. The Vive Cosmos is the first VR headset to deploy this software, so it is going to be new to everyone when it launches in October. 

Vive is claiming that this is a new and better philosophy for virtual reality, and it is going to make virtual reality as a whole, different. It is supposed to change the experience from changing apps with a PC, to changing worlds seamlessly through time. This will allow users to hopefully have the best experience inside of the Vive Cosmos.

If you have multiple virtual reality headsets, you know the struggle of changing platforms and software multiple times through an experience. And if you own a Oculus PC headset, you know how well the controllers don’t work with the Steam software. Mixing all of the software for one large experience is a terrible idea, and the fact that the Vive Reality System is just now coming out, is surprising. 

The Quest did it right the first time. By not allowing side-loaded software and games onto the headset, Facebook and Oculus have maintained a headset that only has one operating system. This keeps the experience for the user simple and easy to access, and it keeps everything in one location. This is something that the Vive Reality System is likely to be targeting with their release on the Vive Cosmos. 

The Vive Cosmos is also coming pre-loaded with a handful of exclusive content and subscriptions. 

Right out of the box for pre-orders, Cosmos owners will have a full year of free Viveport Infinity. If you don’t do the pre-sale and want to see how the masses respond to the headset, you will still be able to access the free Viveport Infinity. Although this will only come with a sixmonth subscription, the merit is still there. 

Vive is trying to sell the masses on the idea of pre-ordering on the website by putting in a blog post the best games from Viveport. Although this seems like a bold idea, it is a marketing idea that has worked in the past. Below, you can see how they are trying to sell customers on the idea of pre-ordering. 

“Every customer who pre-orders their Cosmos by October 2 will receive a 12-month Viveport Infinity redeem code in their box. Viveport Infinity gives unlimited access to hundreds of top-rated VR apps, games, and videos like A Fisherman’s Tale, Fujii, and Ninja Legends, as well as premium videos from top brands like GoPro, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet. In tandem with the Vive Cosmos launch, Viveport Infinity will be adding new titles such as Doctor Who: The Edge of Time by Maze Theory, Playstack, and BBC; Eleven Eleven by SYFY; Battlewake by Survios; Gloomy Eyes by Atlas V and 3dar; Swords of Gargantua by Yomuneco and gumi; and MLB Home Run Derby VR by MLB.”

As you can see, they want to have the pre-orders quickly. There isn’t a huge market for this headset already, so knowing what they are working with will keep them on the right side of production and not having to put them on sale too early either. Vive is going about marketing the right way, but it will still be interesting to see the sales numbers of the Cosmos. The headset seems stuck between the Rift S and Rift in quality, but is smashed between the Rift S and Valve Index in price. If they can convince the masses of their high price point, it wouldn’t shock many to see this headset discontinued quickly. 


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