The Valve Index, the most elite consumer VR headset in the world, has been sold out for what feels like months. Not only would you get Half-Life: Alyx for free with the headset if you could’ve bought it, but you’d get the best VR headset made for the game. Struck out on the Index last Monday? You’re in luck, Vive to the rescue!

Today, Vive announced a partnership with Valve, the developers behind Alyx. Along with the new Vive Cosmos headset that Vive will be sending you, you’ll also get a code inside of the box for the newest Half-Life game. This will be valid on SteamVR everywhere except China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Singapore, and Ukraine. 

The Vive Cosmos  has been ready for pre-order for weeks, and it is finally shipping out to customers today. It has a faceplate that can work with all Cosmos headset that will give you more tracking and a better VR experience. This is going to be the best headset you can buy without back order for HLA until the Valve Index is back in stock. 

Getting the Valve headset back in stock could take nearly two months, but now it is looking even longer. Without any production issues from outside influences, the production was having trouble. Now with the regular order in the world crumbling, the expected deliver of this headset could be pushed back even further. 

This isn’t the first partnership between Vive and Valve. They worked hard together to release the first SteamVR headset, the original Vive. With the Index sold out, the Cosmos Elite is going to give more users the ability to play the game. Now with a free code too, it makes it even easier to get Half-Life: Alyx in front of the most avid VR consumers. 

Index vs Cosmos Elite

If you are desperate for a VR headset, go ahead and purchase the Cosmos Elite. It is important to remember that for a simply $100, you will be getting a much better experience through Valve. Improved tracking stations, more intuitive controllers, and a more luxury experience. 

If you can wait a for a few months for your next VR headset, we recommend the Valve Index. Its our go-to headset and we still can’t get enough. For more VR news and gaming community updates, make sure to check back at


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