The Capture App from Standard Cyborg has made it nearly seamless to capture an object in 3D on the new iPhones. Any new iPhone that is able to produce Animoji can also be used to capture just about an object and put it into the phone. The phones capable of this are the iPhone X, Xs, Xr, or Xs Max. The feature needs to be used with the front facing camera, so the screen will be facing the object you’re using with the app. 

Apple purchased Primesense and Faceshift in the last few years that made this all possible. Those company’s are responsible for the facial recognition and everything else the phone can do with that. essentially, they’re responsible of this app being ready to scan 3D objects. Although that doesn’t take anything away from the apps developers, they did not make the technology for this advancement. 

Once you scan the object, its into your phone as a USDZ format. That format can be shared with any other iPhone through iMessages. Though if you sign up for a membership with Standard Cyborg, you can output the scans as an OBJ. 


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