With VR being nearly a perfect visual tool for many things, iNFINATE Productions have decided to use this tool for empathy. Jan Horsky has been wanting to have people see what it is like to be someone else, all through VR. His original idea was to have conditions like nearsightedness on the headsets, but soon learned that the technology would not allow that for a long time. 

What came out of those long meetings to see what was possible was Experience: Colorblindness. The company contacted and met with many colorblind people to hear exactly what it was like to have color limitations, and how exactly it could be portrayed onto the VR headsets we currently use. 

Experience: Colorblindness is available for free on the Oculus Rift Store, Steam, and Viveport.

The experiences gives four different types of colorblindness to try. Red, green, blue-yellow, and two different types of complete total colorblindness. After the vivid and detail tutorial of the game, you can pick the colorblindness and browse through gardens, grocery stores, and many different art museums. 

This app has the ability to exemplify peoples poor color vision, and magnify the empathy that many people deserve as they go throughout their whole lives like this. We hope more VR is used for this purpose in the future.  


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