With every single headset I have put on in recent memory, there feels like theres a glare of some sort, or even rounded circle glares that are hard to miss, but even harder to miss in high quality scenes. Many call them ‘God Rays’, and Facebook wants an end to that. They now have a patent on a Hybrid Frensel lens design that would completely minimize those glares or rays for the Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Rift/Oculus Rift S.

Its been given the name ‘Hybrid Frensel Lens With Reduced Artifacts’, the lens have created a larger surface area for the viewer, but makes up with the rings closer to the edge. You wont find these kinds of things on any VR set like this yet.  

The patent was sprung into action in September of 2016, but we just learned of its publish in November of 2018. 

Frensel lenses not only make a more clear picture inside of the headset, but make focal points more focal, and they also cut down on weight. as most people know, a clearer picture inside the headset with less weight pulling down on your head is a no-brainer. 

Although Facebook’s Oculus Rift came out the same time as the patent, the Rift had somewhat of the same type of lens, but the effect was never fully felt. 

The optical challenges in headsets such as the glaring rays or the lack of quality will only improve as the hardware surrounding the software improves. If you’ve worn headsets you realize that there is a soft spot in the headsets, or a sweet spot if you will. It is when the lens match with your eyes perfectly and there is no glare. That is rare to have and even more rare to maintain. These new lens hope to make a solid change in that regard.


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