You can now access real life movement inside of virtual reality from Indiegogo’s Cybershoes. In most cases, VR treadmills have been bulky, expensive, and questionable life expectancies along with utility. The new Cybershoe has completely changed the game. These “shoes” are wireless, light, and long lasting. Everything that virtual reality treadmills haven’t been up to this point. 

As seen in the picture above, this is nothing like any concept we have seen before in regards to moving inside of virtual reality. There have been ideas about moving stairs beneath your feet, moving the ground beneath your feet, and even moving the shoes you are wearing through electromagnetic technology. None of them seemed like ideas that were affordable, realistic to consumers, and something that you want to use consistently. These shoes are every thing you want. 

Here is a clip of the Cybershoes being put to work. 

In this video you will see the shoes being advertised very well, and that is no over sell of their product. There are straps that allow this accessory to be strapped on to virtually any shoeing the plastic on the bottom is sturdy enough to withstand up to 220 lbs. The roller ball on the bottom is sturdy and mistake free. Not only is the product itself sound, but the experience was bug free and more immersive than anything else. 

The main idea of the shoe is to make virtual reality more immersive. While Indiegogo was on that elusive quest, they might’ve just achieved something much greater and important that the level of immersion for VR. When you ask anyone who get motion sickness inside of a headset, 9 times out of 10 it is because there are unable to move their body in the same way that they move it inside of their virtual reality. These shoes have removed all, if not most, of that worry for VR fans. 

These shoes pack a punch. With not only forward and backward movements being very easy and natural, turning to the side with your feet gets easier and easier as you use the Cybershoes. This reduces the motion sickness very much, although you stay seated. When the headset is on, you barely notice you’re sitting because of the work that your feet are doing. You don’t notice the chair and even games like Skyrim VR bring an element of exercise simply because of the amount of walking the game requires. 

This product is nearing the end of its Kickstarter phase, and did an outstanding job. It reaches 333% of its goal as of late March 2019. You can already order the shoes and setup that will be available to ship in June of 2019. 

One thing that is grabbing the attention of many is the convenience of this product. It can connect to nearly all virtual reality headsets through bluetooth, and doesn’t take more than a few minutes to be running around in the comfort of your own chair. Cybershoes are available to use with any game that supports free locomotion.


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