Arizona Sunshine was, at one point in time, regarded as the best virtual reality game. Although the title has been handed over to other games, the idea is still the same. Killing zombies, whether it be in VR or on a flatscreen, is still one of the most satisfying things a human can do inside of this mortal life. The game came to the Oculus Quest just a little bit ago, and it has officially received its second free DLC update. 

This is being dubbed as the ‘Old Mine Update’ according to Oculus. This is a location inside of the campaign that is known as one of the more eerie and dark locations. Its too bad you won’t be getting out of there anytime soon, as the location has its own official horde mode set here. The hallways are caved in, the lights are out, and you are all alone. Your only friends here? Your flashlight and your gun.

Getting through this mode alive will require you to move and collect supplies as quickly as possible. Using your surroundings, and memorizing them, is vital to your success. Mastering the stairs while knowing where your explosive barrels are located is something that very few will figure out early. Thats the same reason very few will make it out of here alive. 

This game mode and location are multiplayer enabled. This means you can bring a friend, or two friends, or even three, and possibly four. You get the point. Bring your friends. Oculus released four different tips on how to escape this dark fantasy. We will include those below. 

Oculus Survival Tips

  1. Get to know the map. Explore as much as you can early on. Knowing where the ammo will be is a big advantage when the Freddies are coming.
  2. The Freddies are endless. Before you can clear the first wave, another wave is already incoming! So keep moving and keep collecting ammo—you will definitely need it.
  3. Build a solid loadout. A shotgun and a pistol is a good combo. Try to aim for the head to conserve ammo, and when they get too close, use your shotgun to get rid of them fast.
  4. Bring a friend—or three. You’re stronger in a party. Having someone watch your back while you reload is vital, and getting that new weapon from a difficult spot is easier with someone at your side.

These tips aren’t anything ground-breaking, but they are going to help a handful of people get rid of the undead zombies. 

As for the upcoming updates, Oculus still has some stuff up their sleeve. In February, the team is planning on releasing the Undead Valley update for free. In March, they will release the Dead Man DLC for a simple $2.49. The last planned update will come in April, as The Damned DLC will cost you a light $4.99. For more VR news and gaming updates, make sure to check back at!


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