Virtual reality is not only becoming more popular in todays world, but it has been nearly essential in this time of home dwelling. Many are using virtual reality to connect with others, but it isn’t the only use case right now for some of the best tech in our hands. 

(Check out our favorite apps to stay productive inside of virtual reality)

Working is important, but staying in shape and getting your heart rate up while staying home is both important and hard. We are usually adamant about not working out inside of virtual reality. You can catch us saying other things about it often. Why workout in VR when you have a gym? Why put a headset on when you can simply go for a run? There are a lot of arguments against it, but times have changed. 

Let’s use VR headsets to get our sweat on. Below, we will be listing out our 5 favorite apps and games we have been using for productive and healthy VR living. 

Pistol Whip 

Want a good leg workout? Start Pistol Whip and forget about everything else. One of the best things about this game is that it gives you a workout with you not even knowing it. When this game first released, we all came back to the office the next day with sore legs. Not knowing what it was from, we were certain it had to something in the water. It wasn’t. 

Pistol Whip was the only common theme. That game will having you tossing out nearly 50 squats a level. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you are playing for a half of an hour, you are going to feel the burn pretty quick! 

For workout purposes, try turning two gun mode on. It’ll impact your score, but we aren’t trying to rank. We just don’t want people to see our rolls through our jacket. Make this full-body workout and watch the results come!

Beat Saber 

What is this game not good for? Your shoulder have never felt a better workout. Gym who? This is the best game in virtual reality, and it only gets better with time. Because each level is so diverse and challenging, you’ll never get sick of this ‘workout’ either. This is the premier game in VR for so many great reasons. 

Each song is nearly three minutes long, meaning that you can simply play a few of your favorite songs and be done with your workout for the day. Sweating isn’t an option for anything above normal. Hard, Expert, and Expert+ will all leave you breathless for a few long moments after the song is done. 

Want a Expert+++ mode? Grab some wrist weights and toss those puppies on. You’ll be looking like The Rock within moments. 

YUR Fit 

This app itself isn’t going to give you a workout, but it is going to keep track of how your workout is going. Available for all VR platforms (on the Quest via SideQuest) this app will keep track of your calories burned, time in workout, and many more important stats for anyone that is interested in improving. 

You can also connect your PC or Quest to your heart rate monitor, supporting devices Polar, Apple Watch, Wahoo, Heartbeat Herzfrequenz, and Coospo. 

Creed: Rise to Glory 

This game is far from perfect. In fact, we don’t love jumping into this game without the purpose of working out. With that being said, if you want a great full body workout in VR, this is the game to go with. 

You have the ability to be any boxer from the series with numerous ways to fight. Land your punches with original animations each time you swing your arms, getting a full range of motion and muscles used. If you want to get serious about getting fit in VR, a few 10-round bouts in this game is all you need to work up a sweat and require a wash of your faceplate. 

With multiple modes and ways to train as well, you won’t get bored here. You will get fatigued though, so be aware of that. 


Alright hear us out. Creed, Pistol Whip, and Beat Saber… all smashed into one game. This boxing game is nothing like Creed: Rise to Glory, but a lot more like Beat Saber with a hint of Cloudhead’s Pistol Whip. You’ll be punching the beat in a way that you didn’t know was possible until now. 

You’ll feel more connected to the music than you ever have. You thought you could get out of this article without a true and dedicated workout game? You’re wrong. Each movement and mechanic in this game was designed to make you feel the burn, unlike any other game we have included so far. 

Go buy BoxVR today for a workout that is going to give you a run for your money. For more VR news and gaming community updates, make sure to check back at


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