The 3DRudder is a foot controlled VR locomotion controller that has now been available for the public for nearly two years. This foot controller has been exclusively for PC users, and has been doing great. Although the company has been doing well, they have wanted to expand their horizons. The original plan was to have this piece of equipment ready to launch this month for PSVR users, but that did not go as planned.

The new release date is set for a global release on June 17th, costing a light $120. This means you can now pre-order on the 17th, and will not be on your feet just yet.


While North American stores will keep the pre-order date at the 17th of June, some European stores have opted in to keep the same “release date” of May, making that their pre-order date. More details will be updated as time continues. 

This locomotion device is intended for seated use only. It is intended for the user to focus more on the actual gameplay, rather than moving around. This gives the player the freedom of their hands to shoot and reload. To move using this controller, you simply tip the rounded bottom in the direction you want to move, or swivel the front to any direction you choose. It quickly becomes a thought free process.

The company also said there is already 25 PSVR games that will be compatible and even more on the way. Here is the list:

Below, you can find the 3DRudder trailer for the PSVR edition.


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