Recently we reported that Beat Saber was going to release new songs that “already existed” this week. The hint they gave us was a cat in shock, and we finally got the songs on the game and the answers to all of our questions. The three new songs are all by Camellia and they are Crystallized, Cycle Hit (the hardest of them all), and WHAT THE CAT!? The answer to all of our cat questions have now been answered. 

The studio also said that one of the new songs would be the hardest to complete in the history of Beat Saber. The song they were referring to was the song Cycle Hit, as it has over 2,000 notes in just a few minutes. When on expert+, this is a level that is very hard to complete. Even if you are playing on the Oculus Rift S with the incredible tracking, you are going to have some problems hitting all of the notes. Before you go on, know that the tracking on the Quest, although it has been updated, is going to have a hard time keeping up with your swinging arms. 

The songs Crystallized and WHAT THE CAT!? Are also difficult, but the tracking will keep up your sabers will be tracked just fine, even when playing on the expert+. 

This is far from the last content upload we will see within the next free weeks. We are soon expecting the third official content pack that will be available for $9.99. This will likely where we will the first look at 360° levels. These new levels were debuted back at the E3 event, and they looked nearly finished with all of the testing. It is a release that will need to be perfect before the public gets their hands on them. Expect the 360° levels to be released on the Oculus Quest before anything else. 

Both the Oculus Rift S and the Quest have both been updated in the past week, and they couldn’t have been timed better. Beat Saber perfectly highlights the new algorithms that have been made for the Touch Controllers. In the hardest songs in the past the Quest and rarely the Rift S tracking would slowly give out throughout the song you are playing. If have experienced this problem in the past, check out the new songs (or old ones) with your headset updated. You are going to feel a real difference when swinging your sabers round about. 

The Imagine Dragons song Digital is also a song that has trouble being tracked in the past, and that worry has been cut out with the news controller updates. Unless you are casting or streaming from your Quest, the tracking will hold up the entire song. If you happen to be streaming or casting, both the headset and the cast will start to slow down and show some latency. 

With Beck recently stepping down and focusing on music full time for this studio and this game, we are hoping to have a huge upgrade with the content we hear and see in the third DLC pack. For now, the three songs we got from Camellia will have to hold us over. For $9.99 we expect the new pack to have at least 10 songs and if that is true, a dollar per song is going to be a deal that you won’t want to pass up. For more news on Beat Saber, VR news, and game reviews, make sure to check back at


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