The biggest GB option for the Oculus Quest is back in stock. The 128 GB option is the only headset that is available through the official Oculus Store right now. With that being said, the availability of the Rift S and the 64 GB Quest are slowly trickling into other retailers. We can likely expect a full restock in the coming weeks. 

This is the first time in months that Oculus is offering a headset directly from them. This is in large part of the coronavirus, as it has impacted the production of the Oculus headsets. 

The bigger GB space hasn’t been something that many have been taking advantage of. The headset doesn’t usually play games over 10 GB, and when they do, you can simply uninstall and re-install games on the headset. You don’t have to rebuy anything, which makes buying a bigger storage headset unpractical.  

There has been large demand for the Oculus Quest since the holiday season, dating all the way back to November of 2019. That is the last time we have seen the headset be available for longer than a few days. We aren’t sure on how many units are ready for sale right now, but we are hoping all Oculus headsets to get back soon. 

The launch of hand tracking beta on the Quest and the Link technology only built the hype of this standalone headset. This tech is only getting better. With that being said, the coronavirus is all but contained in mainland China right now. That is where the Oculus Quest is being produced. If there is a big breakthrough with apps that have hand tracking with more people buying the headset, we could see another shortage in the coming months. 

Facebook is planning on making some big announcements in place of the Game Developer Conference, and that very well could be something with hand tracking. Only time will tell though. Make sure you are consistently checking back at for updates around this matter. We will continue to follow the industry and report on the newsworthy pieces that are VR and AR concerned. 


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