In just a short 8 days, the biggest VR event of the year is going to take place in San Jose, California. At this event, Oculus is going to give us a new look at their latest VR and AR projects, new exclusive content, and most importantly (maybe), the Exclusive VR Game from Respawn. Below, we are going to listing the possibilities of this game and everything it might include. Although some of our guesses may be wrong, some guesses will be right. Here is what we know and think. 

The game was first announced nearly two years ago at the Oculus Connect 4 event. Since then, there hasn’t been details to go on, except the ones we have been able to pick up on throughout their leaks. We know this will be an AAA-quality FPS game, it is in development by Respawn Entertainment, and it will be brought exclusively to the Oculus Connect 6 event at the end of September. Respawn is the developers behind Titanfall and hit console game Apex Legends. 

After the information above, the rest of the knowledge is purely a guessing game. We know that the studio itself was co-founded by the same people who made Call of Duty and Infinity Ward, so we know it will be a first-person shooter. But will it be modern war? Will it be a throwback into the WW2 days? That is unsure, as the entire setting has yet to be revealed. 

Although Call of Duty had taken a more historic approach, Respawn has been taking the sci-fi approach to most of their games. They have been dealing with time travel, lightsabers, and even some interesting reviving experiences. With that being said, none of that is exclusive to the future, as we have seen this sort of gameplay deployed in games that are behind in the year count. 

The game has had a teaser video in which the developers talk about the “history or war” in the film. Although this doesn’t mean the game is going to be strictly in the past, it almost proves that it won’t be in the future. There are enough VR shooter games placed in the distant future, we won’t be too upset if this game is placed in modern time or in the not too distant past. 

For our official guess on the setting, we are going to stay somewhat conservative. At VRGear, we don’t think that it is too smart of an idea to travel backwards in time while wearing a VR headset that seems like it is from the future. With that being said, there are enough futuristic FPS games out right now. We believe this exclusive Oculus games setting will either be somewhere popular in modern day, or somewhere in the middle of no where, or even unnamed. 

If Respawn took the Tom Clancy route, they could make a game based in Los Angeles and have the game feel more immersive than ever. Roaming down the most popular streets in the world with a gun in hand may be the best this game could do. If not that route of popular cities, the game would also be well served in a unnamed location. When Apex Legends was released, part of the fun was exploring and learning more about the map. Obviously this takes dedication from the developers to keep the map fresh and new, but it very doable for Respawn. 

As for the release date, it seems like it is going to be in the spring of 2020. It was supposed to be on the Rift platforms by the “holiday season” in the US, but that is looking not good as of now. Unless Respawn comes to the OC6 with a game that 150% done, ready to give to the public, it is likely to see this game be delayed a bit. For more VR games and news, make sure to check back at


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