March is Women’s History Month, and it is also International Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8th. In celebration of all women across the world, Facebook and Oculus are launching a new experience training app called ‘VR for Inclusion: Women in Tech’. This is an immersive learning experience that is going to help others understand what it is like to navigate the workspace as a women. This also is teaching allies to learn what to do and how to help women in their everyday life. 

Available at, you can get this 15-minute 180° film that its going to follow fiver different women inside of the workplace and the challenges that come with it. Once done with the original film, you can jump into a self-reflection guide as well as group discussions to help people process the material they are learning and how to apply it into their everyday lives. 

This film is breaking down barriers of everyday life by using immersive tech and VR to help build empathy. You’ll be able to view the world from another point of view and inside of another set of eyes.

“This experience was game-changing in terms of helping me empathize with the experiences of my female colleagues,” says Facebook D&I Learning Director Charles Shaw. “VR is a powerful platform, and I’m committing to being a better ally.”

As have heard of, being a man and being a women in the workplace are completely different. Unfortunately, it is a hard to view the world through someones else point view, regardless of gender. This virtual reality experience is designed to help an ally understand what it is like to be inside of a new position, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. 

“The fact that we are able to harness VR’s capabilities to demonstrate the commonality of challenges faced by women in the workplace and show men the powerful role they play in fostering allyship is a great first step at levelling the playing field for gender equity,” says Facebook Learning & Development Head of Digital Transformation Manal Houri.

If you are interested in checking this experience out, you can head over to to learn more and to watch the film. For more VR news and community updates, make sure to check back at


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