Fresh off the reveal of the three new Cosmos headsets, HTC Vive is out with another hardware reveal. Although this time they aren’t releasing anything new, they are coming out with two new bundles focused around the Vive Pro Eye, the double-upgrade of the original Vive. 

The two bundles are the ‘Vive Pro Eye Office’, and the ‘Vive Pro Eye Office Arena’, both still focused and pointed at the enterprise side of virtual reality. 

If you are interested in the Vive Pro Eye Office bundle, you will be spending $1,600. This bundle includes the Vive Pro Eye headset and the Vive’s new enterprise-level warranty and services. This was recently called ‘Advantage’, but since has changed policy and name. 

The Vive Pro Eye Office Area bundle is coming in at $2,350. This specific bundle comes with the Vive Pro Eye headset, the same warranty and service features from above, as well as two SteamVR 2.0 base stations and a 20m fiber cable. 

If you were familiar with the Vive Pro Eye before, you’ll realize there is a price cut for these bundles too. The company has also simplified the warranty and support system, which is inlacing a two-year limited commercial-use support and warranty, as well as services for your headset. 

Vive Pro Eye 

Released in mid 2019, the Vive Pro Eye was the upgrade of the Vive Pro, the upgrade of the original Vive. As the name suggests, the Vive Pro Eye has internal eye tracking. This is used through your virtual experience for an extra source of input as well as foveate rendering with supported applications. 

The display of this headset is the same as the Vive Pro with 1,400 x 1,600 on AMOLED lenses. The biggest difference is that eye tracking, something that was created by a Sweden-based company named Tobii. This company is likely going to be the exclusive eye tracking company for any VR headsets that are looking for eye tracking inside of their headset. 

The eye tracking inside of a business-focused headset is a lot more important and useful than a consumer headset. This allows the higher-ups to evaluate those they are trying to evaluate, have an extra source of input, and even have a better resolution and display is some cases thanks to foveate rendering. 

This isn’t going to take sales away from the Vive Cosmos series. It will, though, be adding some more options for Vive to get in the consumer game. For more VR news and community updates, make sure to check back at


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