Virtual sports seem to be the best way to get into competition now days, but it hasn’t always been this way. Sports have come a long way. From horse racing turning into virtual horse racing, gladiator battles turning into battle royal games, and even gambling turning into an online casino and online gambling. There isn’t a shortage of sports being transitioned into the virtual and digital worlds. 

Even the more modern and traditional sports like basketball have turned into fantasy basketball and virtual basketball in a VR headset. Its a different experience when you don’t get out of your seat to play these sports, but they have taken a life of their own. Sports have always connected people. Whether it be in the stone ages or the modern world, sports can connect. That is the reason sports have been a constant in our society, even with the mainstream popularity of phones, gaming consoles, and virtual headsets. 

Virtual Sports – What Are They?

The word virtual can mean many things. When taken into consideration with virtual reality, you likely assume it means the games inside of a headset with sports related to them. But to many other people, it means that soccer on the computer is now virtual soccer, or the racing on the computer is now virtual racing. As virtual reality becomes more mainstream, the meanings will change. For now, the words digital and virtual have interchangeable meanings to many across the globe. 

The virtual sports category can be tagged onto many games from online to in person, to even games found inside of a virtual reality headset. Anything that is a sport in the world around you put into a screen or a digital world could be considered a virtual sport. The digital casino could be considered a sport, as long as you consider it a sport in your day-to-day life. 

Another section of virtual sports is the sporting events you can view inside of a digital screen or a VR headsets. The NBA has fantastic games inside of VR, and esports have many events that are streamed across the world as well. Games in real life that are played for viewers on the screen could be considered “virtual games” too. The meanings of ‘virtual sports’ are never ending.

Virtual Sports Games

Around the age of 15, nearly half of the population realized their goal of becoming a professional athlete was likely going to be realized by a more athletic, physically gifted teenager. But none of us are quitters, so what did we do? We turned to virtual sports games. Ask any former basketball player their favorite video game, and you’ll find a lot of them saying NBA 2K. Ask any football player that didn’t get offers out of high school the same question. Madden will be all over the answer sheets. 

Playing the popular sports isn’t the last option either. If you don’t have time for gaming in your less-desired profession, don’t worry. If you have the urge to keep up with the athletes, fantasy sports is more than a good option. You never have to leave your basement to win a championship in fantasy football. In fact, you never have to hold a controller to do it either. This is real sports playing into your favor once again, without having to do any of the work. 

There is a new layer of virtual sports games though, and that comes in the form of virtual reality. This can immerse you in a whole new world without ever having to leave the confinement of your own home. 

Virtual Reality Sports 

Although there has yet to be a traditional sports game that breaks through on this platform (sorry 2MD Football), there is still a wide variety of games to play in virtual reality that resemble sports games that you play every day. Ping pong, laser tag, and sports events can all be found in VR, and much more. The graphics of these games are fantastic as well. They feel real, and online communities are forming faster than ever. 

As we mentioned above, virtual reality sports are incredibly different than your typical NBA 2K experience that you’ll see on the Xbox. These games take advantage of the headset capabilities and the ability it has to immerse you in a world that you’ve never seen before. Many games will have zero gravity, flying capabilities, and even take place in outer space. 

You can still find your typical ping pong game, but you aren’t going to find anything traditional about the competing game. Whether it be motor racing and car racing, or tennis and tennis races, you will find a twist in just about every VR game. Below, we will be listing out our favorite virtual sports game and what makes them so unique. 

Best Virtual Sports Games

2MD VR Football Unleashed 

2MD had a football game for PC headsets a while ago, but this latest release is new and improved in many different ways. This game is made for the Oculus Quest and for a room scale experience. You can customize each team, each play, and new ways to play football. It is cross-buy compatible with the Rift platform too, making sure to get your bang for each buck. 

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

Racket Fury is a very traditional VR Ping Pong game. You’ll find a lot of similarities between this game and playing in the garage. There are multiple game modes, including a polished online multiplayer experience that is well working and always on. There are 5 different scenes to play in too, and it only gets more calming with each and every game. 

Creed: Rise to Glory

There is a lot to love about this game. Along with being able to be inside the ring, you’ll also get a great workout. This is an officially licensed game, so getting the full Creed experience will be as smooth as ever. From career mode, free play, and online, each game mode you come across will introduce you to a fun and new challenge that will be getting your heart rate up. 

PokerStars VR

PokerStars is the most intuitive gambling game in the virtual world. Not only will you be introduced to each casino game you could possibly think of, but you’ll be able to interact with, play with, and use toys at the tables. This helps with bluffs as you can seem distracted as ever while you run the table. This is a fun sports game with not a lot of movement. 

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is the best sports game, VR game, and music game in the entire world. If you ever found Guitar Hero to be somewhat amusing, you’ll get lost in Beat Saber for hours on end. With new 360° levels and music packs dropping nearly every month, you’ll never get bored of slicing the flying cubes that always seem to be coming your way. This is the best VR game you can get. 

Sports Scramble

Although this game is on the high-end of VR pricing, you won’t be regretting this purchase one bit. You’ll be able to hit home runs with hockey sticks. Tennis, baseball, and bowling all are regular games, and they also feature single-player modes as well. Almost every sport that you’ll find in VR is represented in this game with a fun twist. A great game with plenty of capabilities and action-packed fun. 

Thrill of the Fight 

Thrill of the Fight is another game that is not as original as most VR sports games, but it is the epitome of natural boxing. The biggest selling point is the realism in the game. The lack of twists and turns the gameplay takes as the rounds progress. It forces you to play at room scale, and that improves your experience like no other. This is a very well done virtual sports game. 

Racket NX

There is a twist to this game, but at least you are holding a paddle, right? This game will force you to turn all 360° all game, regardless of the tethered headset you may be wearing. Racket NX is fun, futuristic, and easy to learn. If thats what you want, Racket NX is the game for you. A lot going on, but a fantastic game nonetheless. 


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