With over $1.5 million pledged to the company on Kickstarter, Tilt Five is on its way to become the most funded AR project on Kickstarter ever. Although this isn’t the AR smart glasses that we thought would be taking this title, Tilt Five has made a case for the best idea for an AR headset yet on the consumer level of the market. 

Board games aren’t perfect, and those who play them regularly, know that they aren’t anywhere near what we would’ve expect in the few months before the year 2020. Cards get lost, dice roll away, boards get bent, and tempers usually flair in detrimental ways to the game itself. Until just recently, there wasn’t much hope. Board games have been losing their swagger and the burden of getting them out, setting them up, and cleaning up was often too much, especially when you have an Xbox waiting for you upstairs. 

Tilt Five has redesigned the medium and board games are about to be cool again. The virtual reality community has tried to make board games essential inside of the headsets, but if you have played them inside of a headset, it is hard to truly get into the game. Without the presence of real people in your close quarters, it can make the game feel meaningless. In all honesty, most of the time people play board games, they are looking to win the game as much as they are looking to show their dominance over their friends and family. If you don’t know the people you are playing against, or won’t be with them for time after the game, the victory can only be as satisfying as the game’s story itself. 

Storage of boar games has also been a true problem. For a family with a love for board games, it often takes up an entire closets worth of storage. This is could’ve been changed many years ago, but of course the board game community gets little to no love. 

Tilt Five has recognized all of the problems facing gaming in AR/VR and board games, and have created one of the best headsets of this generation. 

The company founded by Jeri Ellsworth and Jamie Gennis didn’t think their idea would explode this quickly. They put the campaign up on September 23rd with a goal of $450,000. Just over a month later, the company has reacher over $1.5 million. This is not only shockingly impressive, but it is the type of exposure that leaves companies in this community relevant for years to come. 

Tilt Five is bound to maintain their momentum, as they seem to have the secret recipe to success.

Some of these tech companies fall behind because of their staffs similarities. If you have a room full of tech junkies that have never played basketball, it is going to be nearly impossible to make a basketball game that real players are going to want to play. Same thing goes for board games. Tilt Five not only gathered a bunch of video game developers, but board game makers and enthusiasts as well. It doesn’t come as a surprise to any that they know that they did so well so early on, but the best of the success is yet to come. 

No clean up, no setup, and no lost pieces. Tilt Five is only going to increase in popularity and demand, and they haven’t even been able to deliver units in mass yet. You can expect big things from this company going forward. For more AR and VR news, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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