The Oculus Rift is nothing short of phenomenal, and as more and more time passes, it just simply gets better. We will continue to update this list as time passes and games release, but for now here are the current best 9.

(We will not be including any of the games that are built into headsets. Although they are great games, everyone will be having a chance to play those. There will be no order, just nine great games we all need to play. Lets get started!)

Beat Saber

What else can be said about this game that no one else has said already? Its a near perfect game. If for some reason you don’t know about this hit, just think of it like this. You’re a Jedi with a red and blue lightsaber in each hand, and you’re playing Dance Dance Revolution while you slice the blocks that were coming at you. But you need to slice to the music, exactly like DDR.

Easily on the more addictive side of the gaming world in VR, its nearly impossible to put down. Maybe one of the reasons that is, is because regardless of the players experience with VR, they can pick it up and be a master within minutes, making the audience that can play very wide.


This is a heavy VR shooter game for all of the heavy VR gamers. If you grew up playing games like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, SOCOM, or any other military type of shooting games, this will be right down your ally in Onward. This game a lot more weight on the teamwork side of the strategy than just running around and firing from your hip and hoping for the best with the help of only your guy.

From holding your gun with both hands, pulling the knife on an opponent with the right timing and even talking with the walkie on your shoulder, Onward makes to be one of the most realistic games anyone has ever gotten their hands on. Literally. With full roomscale tracking and artificial locomotion attached to the thumb sticks, theres no weird teleporting and wandering here. The community is fun and uplifting, making it one of the clear standouts on VR currently.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

This game was never intended to make a showing on VR, but here we are pleasantly surprised, and very impressed by what this game is able to do. Its the Skyrim that we know and love, but just in a more immersive setting with a VR headset. With plenty of controls and abilities to impact gameplay, this game does not disappoint. Coming with all of these controls and hundreds of hours of footage, there is an obvious drop off in looks, and frustrating UI, but that never really will bother you. 

There is something magical about the feeling of walking down to Riverwood on that dirt road for the first time, or literally staring down the throat of a fire-breathing dragon, or even simply looking from the top of the Throat of The World. Whether this will be your first time getting your hands on a Skyrim game, or a seasoned veteran with a background with the game, you will have a hard time putting this game down.

The Exorcist: Legion VR

If you couldn’t get the hint for the title, this is one of the best horror experiences on VR up to date. With experts all over the making of this game, you can sense tension always building. This game is nothing short of brilliant. Every scare feels dangerous, and there isn’t a moment in time that you feel like you’re free. By the end, you’ll be hearing all of the voices in your head regardless of the headset being on or not. 

The Exorcist: Legion VR will leave even the hardest of horror fans in a pile of tears in the corner shortly after getting a crack at this game.

Lone Echo

Lone Echo is special for a few reasons. Its a landmark and a stepping stone in three of the key areas in VR gaming: locomotion, UI, and interaction. The astonishing blend of intuitive movement, discovery-based gameplay and even character-driven storytelling gives the player a feeling that very few VR games could even hope to match. The story does end a bit early to most opinions, but that can only mean the story will continue to richen in the sequel. 

This is an experience that you don’t want to miss out on, especially when this story is best told through a VR headset.

Superhot VR

Is that pure adrenaline or is that just the game slowing down? Thats the question will be constantly running through your head as you play this immersive game. With every moment you move time is slowly creeping up, but as you make more obvious movements, time will speed up almost too fast. This forces you to make split decisions with little to no waiting time on your consequence. You will be repeatedly dodging bullets and hits, and they come in sequences almost like a scenes from a movie. This only adds to the excitement of trying to get out of these grueling levels, with no room for error. 

This by far is one of the best titles on with the Rift with Touch and the recent Forever update, and makes it even better with expanded game modes, more challenges, and improved way of leaving you wanting more.

Echo Arena / Echo Combat

Lone Echo was a single player game with no chance of multiple players, and this game is really just a spinoff with an ability to have multiplayer. You and your teammates are working together to throw glowing discs into goal, but with no gravity. Its a mix of soccer and disc golf. In space. Now thats some fun. This game is nothing we’ve ever seen, and it combines crazy timing with some honed skills to be able to successful. That only makes it more satisfying when you’re able to score. Once you’re on a roll with your squad, its hard to put down. 

This is truly one of the best multiplayer games VR has to offer. After playing, you’re still left thinking of ways to improve yourself and your game. Its addicting, exciting and fulfilling when you find your groove.

A first-person shooter game with the same framework was released inside the game called Echo Combat. It really is just a zero-gravity game of Overwatch. 

Hellblade VR

This game had no real wait time, and didn’t have a huge audience waiting for it either. Essentially it came out of no where. Ninja Theory went from being eerily quiet about projects and upcoming games, to releasing Hellblade in VR wishing weeks, and I haven’t found anyone who is not happy about it.

This game was never intended to be played in VR, but after playing, you realize the transition was just all too smooth. The story is told as Senua goes on a journey to save a loved one as goes deeper into the bowels of Celtic Hell and even her own mind. Constant voices in your head keep you pulling you in each direction and it all sounds spectacular with 3D spatial audio. 

Without a doubt, Hellblade VR offers and experience very few can capture. 

From Other Suns

In this multiplayer VR game, you go from node to node in a spaceship looting, battling, and even trading your way to get back to earth. This game is coded to a point where no two run throughs are ever the exact same, meaning you will be forever guessing on which way your actions and choices will play out. 

This is an aggressive and ambitious title that gets work done and does a lot right. Plenty of Sci-Fi fans will surely get a kick out of this game, and there is hours and hours of gameplay to ensure the variety is never ending. The game never really felt stale.


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