PlayStation and Sony are working hard to allow more games onto their virtual reality platform. They are working with developers to ensure that their games are meeting the requirements of the PSVR headsets and making sure that the game will run smoothly on all players platforms. Swords of Gargantua, a melee game worth playing, is on its way to the top-selling console headset. 

Yomuneco, the developers of this game, created a sword-focused VR game that takes you through countless levels as you level up your weapon and your opponents. Its a fun game worth your money. We loved it so much that we wrote a full in-depth breakdown on how to beat each level. Obviously this was much harder than it sounds, as our sword skills are below par and out motivation for completing the game was lacking. (In our defense, it was right after the Beat Saber x Imagine Dragons pack dropped)

Yomuneco is supposedly looking to get this game to the PSVR users before the end of the spring, so a firm release date could be making an appearance very soon. 

Even when developers considered their PlayStation game to be ‘finished’, Sony will usually make some minor code tweaks before they give the game a firm release date. This means that the game is likely already done and simply waiting for some sort of confirmation from Sony on when they will be allowed to release the game to the PSN Store. 

The PlayStation VR version of this game should work just fine. It came out on the Quest last year and it was a hit. The standalone headset had no problem running this game. Even with a chipset half a decade old, the game still worked fantastic on the Quest. As for the tracking, this game will be a bit different on the PSVR platform than any other. Because the PlayStation is only tracking right in front of you, you won’t be able to twist and turn your way into fights with your ax. You’ll be forced to use the snap motion in the game, something we didn’t think was too fun. We would rather turn ourselves inside of VR, and this game wont have that ability when it comes to the PlayStation headsets. 

As for the price of this game, we are confident that it won’t be changing from any other platform it has been on. The game will be coming in at $19.99 and won’t be going on sale upon release. For more VR news and community updates, make sure to check back at  


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