Space Pirate Trainer is one of the most popular games on the Oculus Quest for a handful of reasons. One of those reasons is the Quests ability to perform while completely untethered to any PC, making 360° gaming a true possibility. Space Pirate Trainer is making a spin-off game that is going to be exclusive to the Oculus Quest. This game will bring a truly immersive experience with killing Space Pirates. 

The details are hard to come by right now, but this news is something worth knowing. If you played the original game, you know that being able to turn at any given time is very important. Now in this new game, you are going to have to do a lot more than just whip your head around. You are going to be tasked with moving and hiding around objects, all while fighting people that are in your virtual and real space. This new game won’t be easy, but it is going to be very fun. 

I-Illusions, the developers of Space Pirate Arena, say that this is not an updated or second version of the popular game Space Pirate Trainer. This is going to be completely different experience, and that is something we are very excited about. After watching the trailer, you come to the assumption that this is something like a virtual game of laser tag. You are going to be running around and getting chased by friends and foes with guns. 

The game is being optimized for a play area of 30×30 feet, so it is assumed to be perfect for any empty basketball courts, indoor football fields, or even parking garages. Remember that with the Oculus Quest that you should not let any direct sunlight hit the lenses. Oculus doesn’t say anything about the headset not being able to work in the outdoors, but we can assume that it is not going to be great for outdoor use. 

As for this new game, the trailer gives us a lot of detail. You can see the the developers load into a game of 1 on 1, but there is reason to believe that there is going to be more than that when all is said and done. In the waiting lobby before the match starts, there are two other spawning areas. These would be an ideal spot for the next players to spawn in for a fun game of 2 on 2 gun fighting. In the match itself, you are going to be roaming through a very futuristic area that is designed for close combat. We are unsure of the amount of maps in the game but we could see I-Illusions using maps as a great piece of buyable DLC. 

Each player in this game will be spawned with a pistol that will require a charge before each fire. This will eliminate players that are playing on just spamming the trigger until they get a kill. This will force players to be a bit more strategic in their gun fights. If you are looking for a comparable, imagine playing Fortnite in VR with only pump shotguns. This would make for a fun and interesting battle, and that is exactly what Space Pirate Arena is giving to VR junkies. 

There has yet to be a release date for this game leaked yet, or even a price. The price of Space Pirate Trainer is only $14.99, so you can expect this game to hangout in that price range. This game will be exclusive for the Oculus Quest, but if any other major standalone gaming headsets come out, we could expect them to play this game as well. 


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