Space Junkies has been one of the hottest games of the calendar year so far, and they only seem to be making this game better. In this zero-gravity game from Ubisoft, you are consistently shooting and firing your weapons at any and all objects. 

Just today, they announced the update on the Oculus Blog. This is the “Episode 3” update, we get to see a new map, new game modes, and even training bots brought into the game. The new map in the game is called The Jail, which feels like an abandoned prison camp type of place. A true unwelcoming feeling. This building is now the largest building map while it features multiple levels and hiding spots. Something the fans have been wanting for some time now. 

 The new game mode that Ubisoft put in is the 3v3 mode that many have been waiting for with a handful of anticipation. The 4v4 mode can often feel a bit crowded, and they have certainly been listening to the customers and what they want. Because there are so many guns, and many that you can duel-wield, it is great that we are going to now get a game mode with a little less commotion. The 2v2 and 1v1 modes can often feel like they are more strategic than simply just our typical first-person shooter. 

Along with the new multiplayer mode, you are also introduced to Chivalry Mode. In this game you are going to be featuring the bow and arrow weapon as you are going to be mainly focused on mid-range and long-range shots to the practice bots. 

The Chivilary mode isn’t going to be the main played game mode for many people, but it certainly makes a compelling case for it. You will be also able to shoot three arrows from your bow at the same time. You can now also leave your hand on the bow longer, and pulling harder making the shot go further and go harder. This is a huge update, and something that users should be taking a long look at before deciding to stick to the regular multiplayer mode. 


“Chivalry was inspired by one of our Gameplay Programmers who likes to Cosplay and play with medieval swords,” says a Ubisoft producer, Adrian Lacey. “Players enjoyed close quarter combat in our spherical battlespaces, so we decided to take it a step further by adding the ‘Bowminator’ to increase skill level, encourage precision shooting, and add a tactical layer.”

If you thought the update was done there, you are completely wrong. Included with all of this is a brand new character. He is called the Mental Mollusk, and he is a part of the Quantic Calamari family. As you can tell in the GIF below, the character is bound to be a fan favorite very quickly. 


Space Junkies has relied on multiplayer to propel the game so far, but now it has finally turned to something easier when your internet connection is down, your friends are online, or if you’re needing some more practice. With the bots that have been baked into the Episode 3 update, you are now going to be able to work on your shot on your own, even when away from a connection to the internet. 

The game is on discount right now through SteamVR for a 62% markdown from the original price, as well as the Oculus Rift. For the PSVR the game never went down in price, and it is going to stay the same at $20. If you’re looking to get this game, you will not be disappointed. Ubisoft did a fantastic job at making this something you consistently want to play. 


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