Over the last few years inside of the virtual reality communities, there has been plenty of talk about how developers and creators can make virtual reality more immersive and real experience for its users.

Most of those conversations turn into something regarding haptic suits, better sound systems, or even haptic helmets for virtual worlds. Not often were these conversations turning into anything regarding the smell of virtual reality. Smell mixed with video and movies is something that hasn’t been used too much, and many haven’t found an interest in it. The only time I have found it relatively cool was inside of an Antarctica video while having cold air blown on my face with the smell of fish. Very interesting approach, but effective nonetheless.

Feelreal had an idea to make VR more immersive, and it did not require any crazy haptics to get it done. The idea is simple when thought about, but the company has put in a tremendous amount of effort into making this product not only work, but work well with many of variables. They have made the Sensory Mask a safe, fun, and capturing experience. Watching or playing any games on your device just became a lot more enjoyable through the Feelreal mask.

Many are skeptical of the idea of putting a gladiator type of mask over their face while they already have a virtual reality headset on for multiple reasons, but Feelreal has gone through every safety and logical inspection to give their customers a great experience and sense while in their own virtual realities through their VR headset.

Aroma therapy is a real thing that many people and people in the food industry have used and continue to incorporate into their everyday lives and business. Many spas will use in for various different reasons, and there is only upside to it. A plethora of good scents to make your visit more enjoyable? Everyone would say yes to this option. So Feelreal took a page out of everyone else’s book, and decided to make this not too complicated.

Not only can you change you change what you are smelling and when you are smelling it, but there were hundreds of presets available to work with and customize for your best experience. All of the scents are natural and realistic to make sure the experience is as immersive as it can be. You wouldn’t want to be at a nascar race without the smell of burning rubber, or be at a movie without the smell of popcorn with heat sensation. With over 250 scents available, the possibilities are endless. The mask can hold up to 9 individual aroma capsules. 

Now if you’re getting excited for a mask that can make the smell of your virtual reality come to life, we have some good news. Not only can this mask make a plethora of smells, but there is a handful of tactical sensations such as rain, to trick your brain into a deeper into a reality that isn’t real.

The Feelreal mask can sprinkle a mist of water of water on your face using their ultrasonic ionizing system to make you believe that you are truly right at the base of that virtual waterfall, or actually being able to feel the rain. Along with the water there is heat available as well. You can feel the heat of the desert by using the safe micro-heaters that are pre installed with the mask. A truly immersive experience.


It does not stop there. Not only are there micro-heaters inside of the Feelreal mask, but there are also micro-coolers that are responsible for the wind that will be hitting your cheeks while you you are in your virtual reality. This can and will be utilized in many different ways, and the mask will know when to use it, or you can program the it all yourself.

One more sensation and feeling that goes hand in hand with the rest is the vibration that the Feelreal mask makes. This is not enough to rock the headset off of your head, but it is enough to make you feel the impact of whatever is hitting you inside of virtual reality. This sensation is also powered by a motor, and the different variations keep your virtual worlds and realities real as possible.

This headset attachment has been growing more and more popular day by day. The company anticipated this to happen, and they have been completely prepared for every turn through this experience. The headset is compatible via Bluetooth with every major VR headset. The list is growing, but as of right now it is Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive, Playstation VR. The game developers are going to be working hard as well to incorporate this into their games.

With the easy to install magnetic mounts, this attachment will be firmly on your VR headset for the duration of your adventures. The colors that are available are white, black, and grey. These three will generally match any headset, or you can switch it up and get a color that doesn’t match perfectly. There are more options here than the typical attachment. This will ultimately help your virtual reality experiences, especially in different worlds.

In the pictures of this headset. the mask may look like as though it weigh you down, although that is not the case. It is nearly weightless, coming it at a light 7 ounces. One of your first thoughts after hearing that may be ‘but what about the battery life?’ Fear not. this is a true and tested battery, and the run time tells the story. It can run for 4 hours non-stop, or even longer when taking breaks between use. This mask nearly has it all.

When purchasing this mask, remember that this is still the first model and there is always expected to be some sort of bugs. The video editor still in the beginning stages as well, meaning it will be hard to create. With that being said, from the outside looking in, this seems as though you will not be disappointed when spending you hard earned money on this VR mask. It will most likely not disappoint.


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