Facebook and Oculus have brought the Oculus Link to beta testing, and people cannot get enough of it. There are hundreds of games now on the Quest that were never anticipated to make it. Many people have been left wondering how to connect their Quest to their PC and how well their cable is going to work. Oculus has officially announced their minimum specs that they recommend using Oculus Link. These are the same specs that third-party companies are receiving for help building their own cable to compete with Oculus. 

Official Link Specs 

  • Length – 5 Meter Headset Cable 
  • Outer Diameter – 4.6 Millimeters
  • Weight – 224g 
  • Color – Black
  • Type – USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C
  • Connectors – Headset: Right Angle USB Type-C 
  •           PC Straight Type-C
  • Cable Exterior – TPU 0.5 Millimeter
  • Low Friction Durable Flexible 
  • Shielding – High Quality Spiral Shielding  
  • Cable Bend Radius – 20 Millimeter 
  • Signal Requirements – USB 3.2 Gen 1 Signaling 5 Gbps USB 2 Backward Compatible 
  • Infrared Signal Loss Tolerances – <500mV VBUS @ 3000mA : <250mV GND @ 3000mA
  • Power Supply – 3A
  • Bandwidth – 5 Gbps
  • Electrical Identification – eMarker
  • Support for SuperSpeed USB ports

Of course, the third-party companies will receive a little more on the technical side, but this is still plenty of information to use when creating your new cable. You can expect Oculus to roll their cable out towards the end of the year, and will be reaching more remote countries and regions at the start of 2020. There is no official price yet tagged onto this product from Facebook and Oculus, but you can expect something with this quality to come at a price point from $60-$80. Third-party producers will likely cut this price down significantly. 


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