The GDC (Game Developer Conference) was supposed to take place this week in San Fransisco, but didn’t happen due to a spreading of the Coronavirus. Many say this event was simply postponed, but following the trends and all other VR news conferences, this event is likely not to happen. Oculus took matters into their own hands and turned this canceled event into an opportunity to digitally release and launch everything they were planning to. 

Today, along with the game announcements from earlier this week, Oculus released the developer talks many wait for at the GDC. Rather than traveling to California and contracting a disease, this alternative seems much better. Below, we will be giving you each of the videos that Oculus took time to release this week, along with the newest gameplay footage and trailers from the upcoming games or their updates. 

VR Business Best Practices

The Future of Playing Together and Where Multiplayer is Going in VR

Best Practices for Launching Games on Oculus

Gaming Updates

Pistol Whip


The Room VR: A Dark Place

Lies Beneath

Echo VR

Phantom: Covert Ops


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