As VR continues to be adopted by a broader audience, enabled mostly by lower cost devices, Beat Saber continues to be the most popular game on any VR Platform.

Last Friday afternoon, after an announcement at OC6 in September, Beat Games released the much anticipated Panic at the Disco tracks to the world. The new tracks include “The Greater Show,” “Victorious,” “Emperor’s New Clothes,” and “High Hopes.”

We jumped into the game to play these new titles as soon as they were available. They are definitely a welcomed challenge, and we were sweating and our hearts were beating fast by the end of each level.

The new tracks are available for download now on any platform were you can find Beat Saber. You can buy the bundle on the Steam Store but will need to purchase each track individually when you buy on the Oculus Store.

When purchasing titles for the Oculus Rift or Oculus Rift S, you are still required to rebuy certain titles, includeing Beat Saber and all related DLC if you want to play on a headset of a different type. This is because the Oculus Rift Store is diffeernt from the Oculus Quest store, or the Oculus GO Store. This make sense to some degree, but most people aren’t happy with having to buy the same game twice from Oculus to play on the two headsets they purchased from Oculus. In this case, the Oculus Rift(s) and Oculus Quest.

This will all change soon when Oculus starts supporting Oculus Rift games on the Oculus Quest. Oculus Link is a new tethered experience connecting your Oculus Quest to your PC to run Oculus Rift games. This new functionality will be availabel later this year.


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