Magic Leap has seen their sales of the Magic Leap not get anywhere near their desired numbers. This has come to their surprise, as they thought that they were going to sell out of their AR hardware as fast as they could make it. To help make some changes, they’ve added some new features to their software that is powering the consumer versions of their headset. 

Some of the newest features include how landscape apps and maps are managed, speech input, and even the ability to stream to Twitch directly from your Magic Leap device. 

To access this new update, the steps are as simple as ever. Simply have your device connected to the internet throughout the week. This will ensure that your device will be a part of the updates that are rolling out across the headsets this week, all of which are part of the .98 LuminOS updates. Magic Leap is also updating the LuminSDK .23 which is going to add some of the same great features of the consumer update. Both updates will be available on the Magic Leap One Creator Edition and the Magic Leap 1. 

Magicverse Update

Magic Leap has been talking about the plans for something they have called ‘Magicverse’ for some time now. This is something that they plan on releasing in the first quarter of 2020. It is a shared XR experience for the Magic Leap 1. This will let the users connect to the same augmented reality, and once that is accomplished, the possibilities are endless. This will essentially turn the Magic Leap 1 into the Tilt Five AR headset. 

Gaming with Magicverse will be incredibly popular, but sharing work experiences and models is going to be much easier as well. Getting work done from different spaces with Magicverse is going to be one of the biggest selling points of the newest software. 

Using Augmented Reality

Many people don’t use augmented reality on a regular basis, even though it is at their fingertips. The Magic Leap isn’t the only thing that can give you an AR experience. It would be great to see the company include mobile devices inside of their software for the Magicverse. This would allow sharing inside of augmented reality to be even easier and more accessible.

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