Lexus finally released some electric prototypes for their cars that should be debuting within the next five years. At the Tokyo Motor Show earlier this week, the company showed the masses the LF-30 Electric Concept. This is their vision for the next generation of electric vehicles, and it is as promising as your 8-year-old self would hope electric cars would look. 

Lexus is going all-in with their futuristic look and they are showing it with their elegant designs early on. From the hoodless tops to the full butterfly doors, this car is going to give you all of the style points when you pull up to pick your kids up from soccer on a brisk fall day. While inside of the new electric Lexus, the company has incorporated gesture controlling and have used AR to include all of the information about the vehicle right in front of you. The front seats are meant to make you feel like you are in first-class of an airplane. The back seats do not go without comfort either, as they are using “artificial muscle technology” to mold to each passenger. 

When it comes to the most important person in the car, the driver, they have a plethora of options to go with their way of driving. Not only will they receiver the option to go full autonomous mode (complete hands-off self driving), but also get “advanced posture controls” for the driver. This is intended to make the sight level of the driver level at all times. One of the smaller notes of this release is the individual torque in each wheel being represented by the AR system in the front. Each wheel will adjust to the weight being presented on it, making it much more powerefficient than any other car. 

If you thought all of that information was awesome, stay strapped in, because we are about to take you on a ride. Another perk of this car is the Lexus Airporter, something that is going to come with every Lexus electric car model that is released in 2025. The Airporter is a drone that will deliver bags from your porch to the trunk of your car. 

The LF-30 is going to use wireless charging, which is another incredible perk. It is shocking to see a car that is so far out not mention solar charging, as Tesla Motors plans to have that as early as next year. 

The Lexus LF-30 AI is able to recognize your daily habits and charge to your specifications and needs. Voice detention will also be enabled, giving the car the ability to change with each and every driver that has the chance to drive this incredible car. 

Lexus is, planning on releasing their first battery-power electric car next month, and they are working on a hybrid that can convert gas to electric as well. All of these are planned to be released before the LF-30 that is not promised until 2025. 

It is incredibly impressive what they are doing with AR. The backseat is going to have an augmented reality roof as well, and it will be capable of many different medias. From games to movies, this will give the backseat experience for all ages a new meaning and a new swagger. Before we know it, people will be fighting over who has to sit shotgun. This is edge-cutting technology, and it is no shock that AR is playing such a large role. For more AR and VR news updates, make sure to check back at


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