In this game you are living in a world where robots have taken over every job human would ever need to do. This game is what it would be like if you had to learn what it was like “to job.” This is a fun look into what many think the future of humans could look like. 

In essentially a virtual virtual reality, you are going to pick a job from the four possible jobs, and put it inside of the virtual simulator machine. The four options you have are office worker, gourmet chef, car mechanic, and a store clerk. Each of these options are fun and entertaining, albeit short. 

The overall gameplay of this game is relatively short compared to many other $20 games, but this is a great game for those who want to be slowly immersed into the virtual reality worlds. You are going to be tossed in the game with a robot assistant for the entire game. This gentle-bot will be guiding you from the selection process all the way through the instructions inside of each game. As you pick your game, your guide is going to teach you to get back to your (virtual) reality.  

In each job that you pick you are going to be given multiple tasks to complete. Each one will get more and more challenging as the levels progress, but none of them get too hard where you cannot complete them. To the developers credit, the tasks are going to be able to be completed by children and adults alike, making this game suitable for all ages. This is something you will want and come to expect from a simulation game like this one. 

This game demonstrates the immersive abilities and the dexterity of the VR controllers. In this game you are going to be using both controllers heavily, as they are going to be extensions of your hands. These virtual hands will be tasked with doing everything from turning the water on all the way to opening wine glasses. These hands will feel natural and competent the entirety of this game. 

One of the puling factors in VR is attracting people to do something in the headset that they can’t do in real life. If you are unable to be a mechanic in the real world, this virtual world will be fun for you to mess around and see what the possible life is. for example, this review was left on Oculus for Job Simulator, and you cannot help but smile and know that the developers did their job right. 

“Simply Incredible (beyond a game)

I have a cousin with Down Syndrome, so I put the headset on him and let him play this game. Not only was he able to understand what to do, this game gave him the ability to perform semi-realistic tasks that he is generally uncapable of doing outside of virtual reality. He once was playing that game for four hours straight. He was talking to the robots like he was actually there saying “Your Welcome!” after he would make them a fancy sandwich or fixed up their car, or what have you. I couldn’t spend that much time in the game, but it is interesting and pretty funny what it lets you do. It just makes me so happy to see my cousing having so much fun in situations he would never be in otherwise.” This review was left by Meuliano on the Oculus website. 

This game not only helps those who want to participate in job simulating activities, but also showcases what the Oculus touch controllers can do. Anyone who buys this game for the $19.99 price point will be left speechless at the fun abilities shown in this game. 


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