Virtual reality is the best way to consume content, regardless of it being meant for VR or not. Whether you are wanting to watch the biggest blockbuster film of the year or a small 360° 3D short film your designer buddy made, virtual reality is the place to do it. Minimal distractions, immersive settings, and spatial audio will be keeping you more focused than ever. Oculus Media Studio and Oculus TV are here to make your media consumption and storing even more secure and easy than ever. 

Oculus TV is going to be a one-stop location for all of your media consumption needs. Whether you are on the Oculus Quest or the Oculus Go, you will be able to consume content like never before. This is also an open platform for creators to upload their creations to help find a community to support their beautiful and immersive content. Oculus Media Studio is now the go-to place for creators to upload, manage, publish, and even analyze stats form their immersive content. This two new features are only side notes of the huge keynote yesterday, but they deserve more recognition than they are getting right now. 

Oculus TV 

Inside of this app, much like new TV experiences, you will be able to sign into other streaming services. Oculus TV allows you to sign into your Amazon Prime VR or Fandango’s new streaming service in VR, FandangoNOW. FandangoNOW released yesterday for the Oculus Quest and Go. You can be singed into both services at once while still exploring virtual content that has been uploaded by developers not included in those services. Your library is going to be booming within minutes of signing in. 

Once you find a show to watch, you can invite small groups of family and friends to hangout with during your show. The screen will be a curved 180° during this time. You can also upload your own photos and videos for your viewing connivence inside of Oculus TV. While you are enjoying 360° videos from top creators, you will be immersed in the area by yourself or with your small group. 

Oculus Media Studio

Oculus is taking a new approach to dedicated applications to the creators inside of the virtual reality industry. Media Studio is allowing developers to upload their content directly to Oculus TV app, outside of VR to other sources, manage their VR libraries, and even receive free analytics of how the content they have created does. By giving creators an all-in-one app, this is allowing them to focus on what they do best, and that is creating. Oculus is also now working with Baobab to upload and create their latest film and distribute it inside and outside of virtual reality. 

Oculus knows that for virtual reality rot succeed and form a larger community behind it, the company needs to focus more effort towards non-gaming communities. This makes Oculus and their headsets more inclusive than ever and their software more open to people than ever before. If you have been hesitant to get a VR headset because of the lack of media it has, or just stuck with the Oculus Go, this is the time to venture out and get a Quest and/or Rift S. 

Oculus seems to be more mindful of their consumers than ever with their latest hardware and software releases, and its showing with their hardware and game sales. They have nearly increased by 20% in the last four months, and that is compared to the first three years. It is impressive to say the least. For more VR news and hardware updates, make sure to check back at


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