A French startup company, LYNX, has officially given the world a tease of the Lynx R1 headset. This is a standalone headset with both AR and VR capabilities. Lynx has announced that they plan on publicly revealing the headset on February 3rd during a livestream during the SPIE Photonics West conference in San Fransisco. This is an anticipated event, and this release will only add to it. 

In a tweet that was published yesterday, the Lynx CEO teased the headset while giving their website some publicity. Stan Larroque describes the headset of being a standalone device capable of all kinds of XR. On the website, Lynx is promising “innovations in optics, hardware, and ergonomics that will open amazing opportunities in all industries.”

From some buzz gathered and observations made, you’ll come to know that the AR side of the headset comes through high-quality passthrough cameras on the exterior of the headset. With that being said, the CEO is anticipating the time at the launch where they can “explain carefully how we overcame some challenges and some technical points.”

If you are wanting to see the event live, you can watch the live stream on the SPIE Photonics website at 5:30 EST on February 3rd. 

The company from France is a bit of a mystery. They have revealed that they have somewhere between 11 and 50 employees. This doesn’t mean too much, as any educated child could ballpark that same number for a growing company. As for the employees they have brought on board, there’s a few hints via LinkedIn. Marc Piuzzi, who spent two years at StarVR, is on the team StarVR was anticipated to bring a massive FoV headset to the VR consumers before mysteriously disappearing back in 2018. Piuzzi joined the Lynx team back in June of 2019 according to his profile. 

The CEO, Stan Larroque, describes himself as a “25 year old computer scientist” who is working on “the intersection of hardware, optics, computer vision, robotics, real-time low-latency software and 3D rendering.”

As for what we think this headset is capable of, its hard to say. We have only seen the images inside of this post, and it has been hard to gather any additional information. We will be reserving our thoughts and feelings until the 3rd of February. Until then, we hope Lynx has a successful reveal of their product. For more VR news and VR hardware updates, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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