For the first time in E3 Conference history, a VR Exclusive showcase was held. The showcase featured over 30 VR Titles, including the announcement of new games, DLC as well as content updates to current game titles and news about other popular titles being ported to the Oculus Quest. There was also some gameplay and a sneak preview for some upcoming VR titles. 

Titles Coming to all Major VR Platforms in 2019

Pistol Whip

A new music rhythm FPS game call Pistol Whip by Cloudhead Games was announced. This title will be familiar to players of the popular games Beat Saber and Super Hot. The creators say that game-play makes you feel like you are John Wick. And who doesn’t want to feel a little like John Wick every once in a while?

The goal of Pistol Whip is to give the player the sense that they are shooting their way through a torrent of bad guys – to the rhythm and beat of some sick tunes.

Check out the game trailer here: 

I Expect you to Die

I Expect you to Die is being updated with some free DLC in July. Expect to see a new spy mission released that will further challenge your VR puzzle solving skills. This additional challenge called “Seat of Power” will be the 6th one added to the existing puzzle challenge that include“Friendly Skies”, “Squeaky Clean”, “Deep Dive”, “Winter Break” and “First Class”. With a recent release on Oculus Quest, the game feels as natural as ever with very little compromise in graphics quality. 

This title includes cross-buy, so you’ll be able to buy once and play everywhere! 

Check out the trailer for the new challenge “Seat of Power” here: 

New Arizona Sunshine DLC

VertigoGames announced some new Arizona Sunshine DLC as well as a trailer for a new Title After the Fall. We’ve included the gameplay trailer here for your viewing enjoyment! The Damned is coming to the Oculus Quest and you can see the trailer here: 

Espire 1

Espire 1 is a VR Stleath Game that is coming to every VR Platform in 2019. Gameplay has you moving about the virtual world as an operative with various mission objectives. The game trailer teases with “for the first time you’ll be in VR without motion sickness…” Which likely is referring to the characters you are playin the game, not the experience you as the gamer will have when playing Exspire 1. But, you be the judge when you grab the title for yourself. 

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is a puzzle game from Fast Travel games. It s warmhearted title that takes the player on a journey where they play in floating islands that they remember from their childhood with their grandfather. It will be available on on major platforms this year. 

Battlewake VR from Survios

Battlewake VR from Survios was announced and additional Gameplay was previewed. The game includes ship-based battles between between pirates out on the high-seas. There is a wide variety of weapons as well as environmental obstacles like giant sea creatures that you’ll need to overcome to achieve your mission. The game has campaign as well as multi-player mode. Check out the trailer here!

Acron: Attack of the Squires

Acron: Attack of the Squires will not only be available across all VR platforms, the game will also be playable on mobile! This means you can get your nutty game on with friends across just about any platform! Game trailer here:

The Wizards: Dark Times

Carbon studios announced they are working on The Wizards: Dark Times. This title will be a stand-alone expansion to the series that will be available for wishlist pre-orders on steam. Game play will be based in a dark world where spells are you primary weapon against the dark forces that you’ll be combating. It looks to be a significant addition to the series!

ABE VR Experience

ABE VR Experience will get an extension to the already horrifying storyline that started first in 2013 with a film and then expanded to VR in 2016. If you are looking for a thrill that is sure to scare your HMD off, keep an eye out for the expansion later in 2019. Check out the sneak peak trailer here to get your fear-juices flowing with this physiological horror! 

SpaceTeam VR, yeah that crazy game is coming to your HMD and you won’t be able to not p lay this one! If you’ve played the mobile version of this game, you’ll understand that coordinating the left and right side of your brain doesn’t seem to help you solve these perplexing problems that befall your spaceship and it heads toward it’s impending doom!

Check out the sneak peak here:


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