After-H has been one of the most popular VR arcade games for the last few years, and it is finally making its way to your VR headsets at your home. This game offers 4 on 4 multiplayer gameplay and is offering three different game modes to choose from as well. This game is going to give at-home VR users the multiplayer first-person shooter that they have been waiting for. 

The game is located in the far future, as the soldiers are fighting for what seems to be the last resources on the alien planet. Whatever this game lacks in gameplay, it doesn’t lack in story. Each match is played on a different alien planet that is riddled with debris. The soldiers then hunt each other down as they are trying yo collect provisions and stay alive. This game is anticipated to be 100% free, and will be in early access as they get the official servers and connection established. 

If all of this news sounds too good to be true, its not. This game is also going to be cross-played with arcade players, ensuring that this game is not going to repeat players in the same match too often. 

“We want to bring players together as much as possible so the players who don’t have a VR headset at home will be able to go to an arcade, connect to their profile and play with their friends online,” CEO Jean Mariotte told UploadVR. “We also want the owners of a VR headset to go to an arcade and play physically with their friends if they want to.”

The new app is going to allow you to make profiles, collect points, and level up throughout your game. smartVR, the developing team behind this game is saying that this game is also going to be compatible with a mobile app. The mobile app will likely be on all iOS and Android devices, and the objective is to allow users to bring their profile from home to the arcade, allowing them to receive experience points and keep track of their progress on the go. 

Making this game completely free seems a little questionable, but smartVR is not planning on profiting from this home release at all. “The rationale behind this business model decision is to facilitate the game access to the maximum amount of gamers,” smartVR said. “We’ve noticed that all the other VR FPS are premium and even a price tag as low as $10 can prevent a large adoption. Our offer is a totally free high quality VR FPS.”

The idea is there in the right way. Although VR gaming and console gaming are two different beasts, Fortnite is a great example to follow. There is no paying for Epic’s best game, and there his no pay-to-win gimmick either. Even if you spend $1,300 on skins in the span of a year, there is going to be no advantage to you over someone that just downloaded the game. This allows wide adoption and a fun opportunity for the community to obsess over some simple updates. 

If smartVR can keep this game updating and release packs to buy that don’t impact the way you play the game, we could see this become the first FPS in VR that holds its ground for more than a few months. Pavlov is going great, but its not free and the development team is very small. smartVR is a larger studio with the capabilities of making a game that can keep many entertained for the years to come. For more VR games and news, make sure to check back at


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