Swords of Gargantua is one of the hottest games on the market right now. Here we are going to give a detailed description on what levels are the hardest, what you need to do to make it past your enemies, and even tricks and tips. 

Because the game levels are broken up in frames of ten, that is how I am going to format this guide. You can either scroll quickly to the part you need help with, or you can stay put for the whole entire guide. We will walk you through the best and worst parts of this hit sword game. 

Levels 1-10

Games like this usually require a tutorial before you jump into the levels and gameplay. Swords of Gargantua is a little different. The tutorials are baked into the gameplay and levels, making progress while you learn. 

Levels 1-5 are fairly easy. Here you will be introduced to your gold (but unreliable) shield. This will be an option throughout the levels, but you will find yourself not using it very much. 

Level 6 is where the mana comes in. You will be introduced to a gold statue-like figure that is worth protecting at all costs. The enemies will stop focusing on you this round, but your focus must stay on them. Although they are easy to beat, the waves come at you very quickly. 

Level 9 was by the far the hardest out of this 10 game stretch. You will see lightning come out of a sword and it will probably kill you for the first time. If you see one of the bosses load up his electricity, be ready to defend. If you get hit, you will turn into toast and die instantly. Once you block the light strike (what we will call that move from here on out) be ready to attack. This is when your enemy will be most vulnerable and open for contact. Move quickly, as the waves are on timers and not dependable on when you finish fighting the enemy before. 

Levels 11-20

Level 11 itself is much harder than all levels 1-10 combined. In this level you will face the light strike multiple times before you even fight the next enemies. You will need to block them effectively multiple times before being able to land a counter strike. Be patient and know that an opening will appear. After that, the next enemies are relatively easy and you will clear the level. 

Level 13 is where I would like to introduce you to a boss that has no name. And if the game did name this boss, I would it expect the name to be something completely out of pocket. Something along the lines on “Daddy” or “Big Papa.” This boss is slow, but undeniably powerful. This man will kill you in one swing. The problem with him, rather than any of the regular sized people is that the sword you’re equipped with can only take one solid hit before having to be rejuvenated. 

Because of Big Papas heavy hits, the game has big sword-like weapons all across the level that can block more power, but not hit as hard. After I failed this level a few times, I had to find a new way to beat the boss. The way in which I did was very unorthodox, but it worked. Keep in mind that I was one hit away from dying when Big Papa appeared in this level. 

Because I knew I was no match in hand to hand combat, I had to go about this fight from a few feet away. I went around the level with the heavier swords and kept throwing them at the boss. Granted this is the best way, it certainly worked. It took about 10 minutes in real time to beat that guy and only 35 HP per hit, I finally passed the level. Good luck with level 13. 

Side Note: Try your best to move your body with the game if you are going to have the slow beast chase you through the level. If you rely on your fingers to guide you in this exact level, you will live to regret it. 

Level 14 is another tricky level. The first to medium size men will move quickly, almost feeling like they are phasing. The trick to beat this is to swing at their body and then move back as quickly as possible. After that, you will be met by men with two swords. Although they look mighty, they will stand no chance against your everlasting sword skills. 

Level 17 is a frustrating level to say the least. The time between waves comes at you which such a pace that you don’t expect. Even when quickly beating the fighters, it feels like you always have people on your back. The best way to beat this level is know where the foes are appearing from, and attack from there. Fighting them before they see you is your best bet. 

Level 18 you get to meet what I call the Red Mamba. This is a ferocious fighter that is capable of strikes to your chest strait on. Although he was is pretty easy to beat, he will challenge you. When it comes to Big Papa again, the best way to beat him is to have him chase you around while throw objects at him. Don’t forget to throw your own sword too, as it deals more damage than any other object. 

Level 19 took me multiple tries to beat. You first start out facing the Red Mamba. If you don’t take care of business early with him you are going to be be fighting him, a little assistant person, and the lady who throws orbs all at the same time. You need to go for the Red’s head and defeat him quickly. After you kill those three, Big Papa will arrive and come for you quick. In the midsts of this fight, you will be greeted by another little assistant and a orb-throwing lady again. After you take those two ladies, you will need all of the health and sword strength to outlast the Big Papa

Levels 20-50 are essentially all the same as the first 20. The 20 at the beginning are just variations of what you will see throughout the rest of the game. This includes bigger and better waves, but you will be facing the same people throughout the remainder of the game. Keep in mind that you will need to fight each boss multiple times. Below is a guide on how to kill each character in the game. 

Little Assistant: one solid hit to this person will wipe them out. They aren’t built for 1 on 1 attacks, as they will mostly just overwhelm with their presence and slowly take damage while you’re focused on other people. Keep your whits about you and hit them once to end their reign. 

Orb Thrower: this lady is very easy to take down 1 on 1, but that problem is you never get to that point with her. She is always there launching orbs throughout the game. The best way to take her out is find out where she will start the level, and kill her instantly, not letting her hit you. One solid hit with a powerful weapon should do the trick just fine. 

Medium Sized Men: these guys are a real pain. They seem to be very average, but always give you a hard time throughout your solo campaign. What you need to do is focus on them one at a time, and don’t be too aggressive, they will take advantage and exploit that pretty well. Defend their hits and only attack when they are vulnerable. This will limit the chances they have on your open body. 

Red Mamba: this guy is quick, a good defender, and an even-headed killer. The best way to go about killing him is to be ultra-aggressive. Attack on every corner you can. Make sure to go after his heads often, as he usually will leave it unguarded. The best way to attack is be quick and deliberate about your moves. Leave no time for his attacks. 

Big Papa: this character is a handful when you don’t know how to take care of him. All you need to do to beat this boss is to practice your patience in large amounts. If you try to beat him in hand to hand combat, you will be dead within seconds. If you take your time, lap the course, and throw objects, you will be set. Once your main weapon in charge up, hit him a couple times, deflect a couple shots, and go back to running and throwing. A heavy dosage of this will have you beating him in a matter of a few short minutes. 


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