Virtual reality is amazing for some cases, and awful for others. When you are scavenging the app stores for your headsets, you are gong to run into some apps that seem they don’t belong in a virtual library. You are also going to run into some apps that will make you think ‘why isn’t this app more popular?’ 

In my search for a good VR meditation app, I came across some interesting apps inside of the Rift and Quest stores. What did I do about it? I tried out some of the titles that made me question what their purpose was. What I found was not only some cool guided meditation, but some apps that made you feel like you had some external chemicals impacting your brain. 

If you are in the market for an experience that is going to get you ‘lost’ inside of virtual reality, you have options. In my quest to find a good meditation app, I found some others. I will be breaking down the 3 apps that made me not only forget that I was wearing a virtual reality headset, but made me forget that my consciousness was housed inside of a mortal body. 


Available on Oculus Quest for Free

The Washington Post describes this game as “Meditation meets a video game, meets a Happy Pill!” And we couldn’t agree more. This game is not only going to give you a calm mediation experience, but it is also going to make you more focused than ever with its new FOCUS experience. 

Each of these cycles of meditation will induce your brain into different waves. The beta waves will appear more in the FOCUS side of the app, and your alpha brain waves will come to light when you are on the CALM side. Tripp is dedicated to bringing more experiences to their app too. If you are at all interested in having an out-of-body experience in virtual reality, you own a Quest, and don’t want to spend money, Tripp is definitely the move. 

Guided Meditation VR

$14.99 on the Rift Platform 

This game is going to give you the most wide variety of Oculus-approved meditation apps. With over 30 environments, customizable music, and pre-determined lengths of meditation, you won’t be worrying about going over your time window ever. This app is still in early access, so finding your groove before they change it up too quickly is important for a lot of people. 

Depending on how you want to lose yourself in the app, there are different types of guided content. This is not only the biggest selection of types of mediation, but also the most customizable. This isn’t going to induce an out-of-body experience, but as many meditators know, being in the ‘now’, regardless of your outside influences, is the most important part. 

Where Thoughts Go 

$9.99 on the Oculus Quest 

This isn’t much of a meditation app, but it definitely is going to give you an experience that isn’t usually had in virtual reality. Its a community-made experience where you can leave behind and hear others voice recordings. These anonymous experiences are inspiring, creepy, funny, and everything in between. You can leave your recordings behind under five different questions that are designed to cut deep and reveal some pain you had to endure. 

The project is still under development and is on its way to be something much like the Museum of Other Realties, which was recently launched on Viveport Infinity and the SteamVR Store. If hearing others voices inside of VR seems creepy to you, simply buy this game to get a good understanding of those you’ve never known. This is a different app, but will get you certainly lost in VR. You’ll forget the headset is on within minutes. 


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