The NBA has officially postponed all games until further notice. This came after Utah Jazz star, Rudy Gobert, was tested positive for COVID-19. The scheduled game was promptly canceled and all other NBA games that night were postponed. 

This is the first time the National Basketball Association has postponed a season for the foreseeable future, and one of the only few times the league has postponed any game for any non-weather related reasons. 

So why should any common consumer VR user care? We can tell you why. Before the cancelation of all games going forward, the league was muling the idea of not playing games with any fans in the arena. Shocking, crazy, borderline not fun, but would have been effective. One rumor was the that the fans could have the ability to watch all games via NBA League Pass, and would be free for the remainder of the season. 

Because the season has been postponed, we won’t know if the league was planning on doing that or not. What we do know though, is that if the NBA comes back to finish the season, the NBA League Pass could be free world wide. This means all VR headset users could get a hold of NextVR and all NBA games for no extra charges. 

This will be especially big, as the season will likely continue without any spectators allowed inside of the arena. This would not only change the game, but it would change how the game is watched. More users will be tuning into games, and the number of interested viewers will spike. VR lovers, get your headsets ready. 

At the start of the year, non-subscribed VR users could only access a handful of live NBA games. Once the league is back and the virus is contained, the NBA League Pass should be coming free to everyone. That means Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, SteamVR headsets users, and even standalone headset users will be able to access the best seats in the world for free. 

For an in-depth guide and how-to on getting the NBA inside of your VR headset, check out our page dedicated to NextVR and the NBA inside of VR. 

There is a buzz around the NBA and around the basketball twitter-verse that this season is simply canceled. The NBA hasn’t said that, and they also haven’t hinted at anything of the sort. With that being said, you can expect a lengthy announcement coming from them within the next 24 hours. They’ll make sure to get the official word out on the streets. 

This is a scary time for all. Make sure to stay safe, wash your hands, and keep your distance. For more VR news and gaming community updates, make sure to check back at


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