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Beat Saber: In-Depth Game Review


Beat Saber is the best game in virtual reality. Other game studios have tried to emulate the recipe for success from Beat Games, but none have done so successfully. It is the perfect game for beginners inside of virtual reality, it is the perfect game for an afternoon of VR, and its a perfect game to get lost in for hours. It doesn’t hurt that this game is also providing thousands with a great workout each and every day. If you’ve played Beat Saber, you are likely to have already fallen in love at least once in your life (it’s with this game). 

In our in-depth game reviews, we look to cover each and every aspect of a virtual reality game you want to know about before you go out and buy or try a virtual reality title. From the tracking on your virtual sabers to the expansive ability to customize your environment, this game review is going to have it all. To master a virtual reality game, developers have to do a lot right. Beat Games found a great mix of everything to make this game great, and we are excited to review them for you. Let’s jump right in. 

Getting Up and Running

Getting up and running with Beat Saber is just as easy as any other virtual game. You won’t need any crazy sensors. You will though, if you love this game enough, will need some clothing that is going to be sweat-wicking and elastic enough to let you move. The file size of this game is incredibly small as well, coming in at 200 MB. Regardless of your internet speed, this game shouldn’t be taking any longer than just a few short minutes. 

To buy this game, it is easy to find on all VR gaming stores. The price of this game has gone up in the last year, but it hasn’t scared any sales away. In fact, this game has seen more sales in the past year than any other year. For only $29.99, you can own this game and all of the original songs that have come with it over the years. To get all of the DLC that has been released, you are going to be spending near $60. This may seem like a lot right now, but when you get into the game, you’ll understand why you want to spend more money on the exclusive music. Imagine Dragons are the perfect band for this game, and Panic! At The Disco add a fun twist we weren’t expecting. You’ll want to buy it all. 

Type of Game

This is a rhythm-based indie VR game. It is hard to put this game into one box, but we think that we have summed it up pretty well. You will be standing in the same spot for the entire game, and all of the action is going to be coming to you. It is like a shooter on rails, except you aren’t shooting and instead you are hitting floating blocks with your light sabers that feel like you have been in your hands since birth. 

There are different ways to play this game, but no real game modes that change it. You do have a campaign mode, but that will only give you different mods inside of the same game you have been playing. The only way to change the way you play the game is the mods on the left side of the screen when you are choosing your song. If you are trying to get some variety with your light sabers, check out Vader Immortal. 

Player Perspective

This game is played from the first-person perspective, but you will only be seeing your light sabers the entire time in this game. When they are off and you are on the menu, you will only see the light that is being projected out of them, as that will help you navigate the menu. This doesn’t take away from the immersion, as there is so much to love and appreciate about this game that doesn’t come from being able to see your arms or legs. You will be able to see when your feet should be, but that is simply for reference of where to stand, not meant to help your immersion in Beat Saber. 

Theme and Story – Score: 10/10

The theme and story in this game are perfectly done. The theme is strong and deserves a 10 by itself, but the devs didn’t stop there. They added a full campaign mode with over 40 levels. Although this doesn’t have a story inside of it, you will be progressing through the levels with different mods. The theme and story are perfect here, and the score is going to reflect it here. 

Controls – Score: 10/10

The controls in this game are more than simple, as the only input in this game during gameplay is the movement of your arms and your head when dodging walls. When you are in the menu, you will have a little more input, but it is going to stay minimal. This would usually knock a score here, but the fact that they didn’t overdo this was a big deal to us, and the score is going to reflect the perfect effort here. 

Music and Sound – Score: 10/10

If there is one game that has perfected the music and sound inside of it, we would point to this game. There is so much more in this game, with over 50 songs. With music from some of the most popular bands in the world right now, there is not a chance to get bored in this game. The sounds of the sabers are fresh and original, and there isn’t one thing in this game we would change, especially when it comes to music and sound. Another perfect score here, and that’s no surprise. 

Player Movement – Score: 10/10

There is minimal player movement in this game, but when it is showcased, it does a great job of flexing its muscles. You won’t be getting motion sick from the small movements, and they are mapped perfectly to your head. The arm tracking in this game is only limited to your headset. If you have the Valve Index, the tracking is going to be perfect. If you have the Oculus Quest, you are going to experience some lag on the highest levels. It is never a fault of the devs though, as they perfected this part of the game. 

Kinetosis – Score: 10/10

As we said above, the motion sickness in this game is non-existent, even when you are ducking and dodging while flying your sabers all around. We have found ourselves stuck inside of this game for hours, and when we take the headset off, we never feel even a small amount of motion sickness. If you want a game that is going to leave you feeling great even after hours of gameplay, this is the title you need to buy. 

Environment and Immersion – Score: 10/10

Before the update that gave us the ability to change and customize our environment, this game was still destined to get a 10. Once we got the ability to change our saber colors and block colors, this game was flirting with an 11. We couldn’t outdo the scoring system, but it definitely was a temptation for us. Each song has its own background and light show, and each song is going to remind you why you never want to leave this game. 

Overall – Score: 10/10

If you are looking for the perfect virtual reality game, you have found it. This game is going to give you everything you could hope for inside of VR, and it even made the top 100 games of the century list, regardless of platform or medium. Beat Saber is the best game we have ever reviewed, and we think anyone with or without a VR headset should own a copy of this game. If you don’t have a VR headset, this game should be the reason you do. 



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