has been around for sometime now, but not many people have been giving this branch of Vive much consideration. This comes as no surprise as virtual reality’s biggest draw has always been gaming and interactive experiences. In the Vive Arts section, neither of those are fulfilled and you are simply going through masterful exhibits. Vive has found a way to change the narrative, and they have done it perfectly. VR is the perfect medium for artists.

Mona Lisa is single-handily the most famous work of art in the world. Painted by Leonardo da Vinci, this painting has over 20,000 people visiting it per day. The 500 year anniversary of da Vinci’s death is coming up quickly, and the Louvre is doing something special to recognize his greatness. 

Louvre is releasing their first ever virtual reality experience that is centered around the Mona Lisa artwork. Because this artwork is so fragile and unique, it is kept in protective casing to keep it from the everyday wear and tear of art. Now that there is virtual ways to see this artwork, viewers are going to get a never seen angle of this piece of art. The experience is called Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass, and can be found on Viveport and many other online VR storefronts. 

This downloadable experience will give you a never seen before look at the artwork. You will be able to actively see the techniques that da Vinci used and how he incorporated them into his work. You will also see details that have been eluding the naked human eye for decades now. In this time you can also have more insight to who was sitting on the chair in, the person that da Vinci painted. 

In this new extended version of the VR app, you are going to be transported from your home all the way to the Louvre in Pairs. You are going to be able to virtually explore the halls of the iconic museum and the contents inside of it. This was made by Emissive, who worked closely with many teams from the Louvre. 

The other new art exhibit from HTC Vive Arts is the piece called To the Moon. To the Moon was made by Art Basel in Hong Kong, and partnered with HTC Vive Arts throughout the entirety of the process. Art Basel has been working on different media pieces for over 20 years as a company, and this is the first to break the VR threshold. Based on the first artwork at NASA from Laurie Anderson, this piece was originally made for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing back in 2018. 

This 15-minute virtual endeavor will take the user to the surface of the moon, where they are going to have a chance toe experience something with the low gravity of the surface and understand the thrills of being a true astronaut, all through being inside of virtual reality. 

This studio was most recently awarded the “Best VR Experience” at the Venice Film Festival in 2017. La Camera Insabbiata was the film and experience that took home the prestigious honors. This upcoming moon experience will be available at a location-based area in Hong Kong, as well as Viveport and many other online VR storefronts. 


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