Unity Technologies has announced a new learning platform for it’s current and new users – Unity Learn Premium. 

Unity Learn Premium is a paid learning platform that targets the training of professionals who want to learn how to develop real-time 3D applications. Applications for real-time 3D extends beyond just games – there is a growing need for 3D designers in product design, architecture, automotive, transportation, media and entertainment, government planning, and healthcare – to name a few growing verticals interested in the skills Unity Learn Premium is design to provide. 

The new learning platform is said to be the most comprehensive and complete source of content for professionals who are looking to enhance their Unity knowledge. The course feature Learn Live interactive sessions, Q & A forums and access to Unity specialists who can answer questions about projects that students are working on. 

The Unity Learn Premium will build upon the free platform that a was announced earlier this year. Unity Learn will remain free and act as a funnel for developers who are completely new to the platform and need more exposure to the platform before committing to a paid training program like Unity Learn Premium. 


Above: Unity Learn Image Credit: Unity

The premium learning platform is designed to be consumed ad discrete lessons that the active professional can manage with their already-busy lives. Often the student of these courses is already working in the 3D visualization space and Unity has taken great care to properly provide for these individuals and their hectic schedules. 

The platform will help hobbyists advance quickly in their skills and facilitate the professional in acquiring new skills that will help them take the next step in their careers. 

Membership in Unity Learn Premium provides students with immediate answers to their questions. Students can provide feedback for additional course content to be provided. Students also are able to participate in a biweekly interactive sessions with Unity-certified teachers. 

Similar to other learning platforms, there are learning paths that students can pursue that allow them to direct their learning toward a specific goal. The library of content available is curated by Unity to help learners achieve their various goals in the least amount of time by focusing learning on the topics and skills that matter most. 

Unity Learn Premium will be releasing a monthly best-practices content pack that will enable students to ensure they aren’t relying on old strategies when something new has been announced – something that can be tricky with the ever-changing 3D digital content design space. 

While there have been other tutorials and courses that introduce students to the Unity Engine, there hasn’t been a course offered directly from the creators of Unity –  Unity Technologies – that is as comprehensive as Unity Learn Premium is positioned to be. 

“We’re witnessing the adoption of real-time 3D across all industries, as it becomes an essential tool for creation moving forward. The timing is ideal to offer rich learning content to professionals looking to excel in their careers and be at the forefront of a digital revolution,” said head of education at Unity Technologies, Jessica Lindl. 

Unity Learn Premium will cost $15/month for new subscribers and will be free for current Plus and Pro subscribers.

Unity is one of the most in-demand tech skills, growing at more than 57% in the next three years. Additionally, over 2.4 million active students used Unity in the past 12 months. The Unity Learn Premium announcement comes on the heels of the launch of the Unity Academic Alliance, a membership program that gives educators and institutions of higher learning everything they need to incorporate Unity into their curriculum.


Above: Unity Learn. Image Credit: Unity

“The workplace of today and tomorrow is fast-paced and driven by innovation, meaning workers need to become lifelong learners, using new technologies to upskill and ultimately advance their careers. We hope that Unity Learn Premium will be the perfect tool for professionals to continue on this learning path,” Lindl said.


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